Willing To Let Them Down


Be willing to let them down.

The voices.

All of them invented.

Remember that the voices are not real, not real people. Real people rarely say much of anything.

Most of the people you are afraid to let down are not people but invented, conjured, rough-drafted voices in your head.  Imaginary projections of what you fear they might say about you if you stand up for yourself, if you ask for what you need.

All kinds of venomous, hate-slicked, painful, worrisome, ego-maniacal, empty threats from voices, fabricated and wired shut inside a frightened mind.

And these fake voices are keeping you from using the only real one; the one that speaks your truth, your idea, your brave.

So most often, what’s best for you would be to let them down.

And raise yours up.


~ ~ ~

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16 thoughts on “Willing To Let Them Down

  1. Meg Evans

    Yes, mostly they’re not real — and I’ll add that on the rare occasions when there really are haters making nasty threats, then it’s all the more important to speak up, deny those cowards any victory, and send them slinking back under their rocks! Often, a few decent people speaking up in response to a bad situation is all it takes to shift things in a better direction.

    1. Allison Marie Post author

      Hello, hello dear Meg,

      I really love your comment, so true! Here’s to all those brave little souls who speak up for what’s right and good and matters – despite the inner and outer “haters” – both are unwelcome. ;)

      Thank you for your spirit, friend! Sending you much love, peace and light,


    1. Allison Marie Post author

      I thank you so humbly and kindly, for reading and for leaving such a beautiful comment. It is so very deeply appreciated. :)

      Peace and light, always, always,


    1. Allison Marie Post author

      Thank you so much, dear Wendell, for your being here and leaving such a beautiful comment.

      “the radiance of our spirit’s voice” – this is one of the most gorgeous ways to say it I have ever heard. Thank you so much for your bright spirit, my friend!

      Peace to you, always and always,


  2. Batya

    How did you know I have the voices, too?
    We used to call them “bad tapes,” but sadly with the advent of CDs and MP3s they are much more portable.

    I am willing to let them down. Thanks for the encouragement.

    1. Allison Marie Post author

      Mmmm those voices, in us all I guess. “Bad tapes” – the perfect way to say it. On re-play!

      Bravo for letting them down. I’m still learning to do it, too.

      Sending you much peace and inspiration on this New Year’s Eve, my friend. :)

  3. Robert

    Indeed we must not be afraid to speak our true voice. We are full of irrational fears concerning what others may think about us or be made to feel by what we do or say. Those fears almost always spring from the pigmy self, the ego. In our hearts we can learn to identify what is the truth and what is the ego, consciousness versus the unconscious brute.

    Then we can speak our truth without fear and begin to ascend to to our real nature, reaching for the stars :)

    Peace and love


    1. Allison Marie Post author

      “the unconscious brute” – spot on, my friend!

      It is a perfect way to say it. It’s a tough thing to speak truth especially when our culture plays upon the irrational fears already in our minds. We need such a deep grounding in our spiritual being to be able to see the truth and then to live it.

      “Reaching for the stars” . . . you know I love this. You know it! ;)

      Here’s to a journey of friendship, community, and enlightenment as we embrace 2015.

      Peace and love, always,


  4. Terry Clarke

    What a beautifully crafted, excellent work of art on too many levels to list.

    Reading your collection of poetry took me back to a very special time in my life, as a university English major, exposed to the beauty of poetry for the first time (having been an arrogant high school jock who scoffed at any form of art that didn’t include helmets and cleats, basketball gyms or coaches verbally abusing my teammates and me under the guise of “making us into men of character”).

    After the joyous period spent as a contributing editor of a fiction and poetry journal, I once again turned to the dark side, this time to the cold, emotionless world of the practice of law, following my post-doctorate Environmental Law degree from George Washington University and exchanging my role as an editor and publisher of poetry and fiction for an editor position of a prominent law journal and publishing not poetry or short works of fiction, but long, extremely technical law journal articles with many hundreds of footnotes and analyses devoid of any emotion which had been replaced with ice cold logic.

    Now that I have the means, I am recently retired from the practice of law, and working on restoring my humanity again, my only job consisting of an unpaid position as a commissioner on my City’s Commission on Human Rights . . . and, of course, enjoying art in all of its beautiful forms. Thank you for helping me with my journey!

    1. Allison Marie Post author

      Thank you so much, dear Terry, for reading and leaving such an exceptionally beautiful comment! Thank you truly.

      Thank you also for sharing your awesome story so openly, it is fascinating to learn of other people’s journeys – how their love for art emerged and changed over time. So beautiful. ;) All the ebbs and flows of a life lived exploring many sides, dark and cold, joyous and passionate.

      It is my pleasure to have met you here and I wish you much peace and many blessings going forward! Come on back anytime.

      Take good care,



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