Why A True Artist Has No Competition


We walk a thin line.

Some days the line can feel sharp as a razor’s edge, in fact.

Like walking a tightrope in the sky, strung up across two high-rise buildings. (One might imagine. I mean, we’re artists not dare devils. Or are we?)

As artists and creative critters, we walk a line between love and ego with every piece we create.

If we dare to create the work we deeply want to create – the kind that screams to be let out but also scares the hell out of us for risk of exposing too much of our fragile selves – that line can cut like a hot knife down the center of our insides.

It’s a cut that can feel like it’s opening us and killing us at the same time.

Sometimes we aren’t sure of ourselves. Are we sharing our work because we’re arrogant or because we’re adorable? For attention or affection? To dominate or to serve? Because we are needy or because we are clever? Because we are giving or taking? Or both?

Sometimes we worry we’re frauds.

Sometimes we worry we’re jerks. Sometimes we worry we aren’t jerks but people will say we are jerks. (Jerks.)

Sometimes we think we’re not good enough compared to others.

We want to give everything we have and to shine, and then we are afraid if we give it all away we’ll lose it (someone will take it, someone will steal it, someone will ruin it through misinterpretation or misunderstanding, or we’ll just feel so exposed and alone and naked that we’ll LOSE IT as in lose our minds, our lives, our prowess, our guts our status, our safety, our sanity, our friends, our family, our dog, our lovers and our secret lovers) and that if we shine we’re either impostors or bastards or snobs.

The line between creating for love (read: the expansion of your soul and mine) and creating for ego (read: fear-based diva-demand for attention and validation) can be so thin that we aren’t sure what’s happening when we feel torn about sharing certain things with the world.

Some of what we want to create may never be created because we’ll hold back our greatest stuff never quite knowing why. We might not evolve our work to the next level because some invisible thing is holding us back from putting ourselves out there.

I believe I was walking that line when I posted what I’m about to share with you now, which is a post I put up on Instagram a few days ago.

(Sidebar, loves: No matter what people tell you, trust: IG is a brilliant platform for this kind of thing, in fact, it’s a lot like a mini-blogging platform and I use it on the daily to drop thoughts literally as I think them without planning ahead (which is NOT the same as saying I don’t think all of my IG posts completely through. I post not one thing that doesn’t speak my truth in as clear a way as I can possibly muster and still get it out there quickly and on the regular.)

Here comes the post in raw form. It is a text-image followed by plain text which I’ve italicized here below. As always, I hope it serves you in your creative endeavors and most of all I hope it is something you can turn to again whenever you feel like you need to check yourself before you wreck yourself.

We really are in this together, babes. You really can be brilliant and serve greatly at the same time without being competitive or caring about what people think.

You really can walk the like between love and ego and CHOOSE LOVE.

Here’s why:


One of my most favorite universal spiritual teachings is that there are no new feelings.

So that no matter what we feel – every emotion, every reaction, every exchange – others have felt it, too.

They may not recognize it at first, they may not want to feel it, they may deny it, but the TRUTH is that we all feel the same things.

Love, hate, fear, happiness, elation, sadness, jealousy, rage, confusion, attraction, compassion, desperation, healing, bitterness, peace, tenderness.

This gives me comfort and confidence that what needs to come through can come through and on some level it will be understood.

It also means that on a very real, universal level, we are NOT SEPARATE from each other.

Social media can perpetuate the illusion that we are disconnected. That there are “others.” That we can be compared to one another and judged.

This is not true, angels.

We are but reflections of each other, that’s all.

What you see in me is you.

What I see in you is me.

This is the only level on which we can truly HONOR one another. This is the only level on which there is no jealousy, judgment, coveting, or comparison. This is the only level on which there is no fear.

You will scroll past possibly hundreds, thousands, of posts, images, words and photos today, my love.

You are all of them.


A true artist has no competition because she is all of us, standing up for all of us.

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With all my love,

Allison Marie x

6 thoughts on “Why A True Artist Has No Competition

  1. Peter

    Ahhh, Alison, what else can I say, but every time you speak up, I hear your truth, I feel it’s connection to myself, and I know it’s power within this world.

    I’m not sure yet where my ego sits with most of my creativity, but I know that when I share, I look for connection with others. I look for any response that confirms what I am feeling and that acknowledges my truth. Ultimately, I want to know I’m not alone in this creative journey of life. In some way then, I understand artists connecting with other artists. For whatever reasons, for their own reasons. And that is what I want to be part of, for a myriad of reasons.

    “What I see in you is me. What you see in me is you.”
    I have been paying too much attention to others and often worry about what they see in me.
    It seems silly when you look at it with an open mind. So us beastie boys and girls will now remember to check ourselves, lest we wreck ourselves, and stay as cool as the Ice Cube himself.

    Being an artist is both liberating and scary at the same time. But if we remember a little nerves give the energy to push that bit further than before. What we notice, that is what we are. And in connecting, we honour each other, artist, human, soul.

    1. Allison Marie Post author

      My gorgeous, fantastic, talented, and brilliant friend,

      I just read your comment 3 times. I freaking LOVE it. I am in awe of how perfect it is because I felt like reading your words was like looking in a mirror, everything you said I could say back to you and mean every word. It’s like the exact EXPERIENCE of what this post was meant to be about. That we literally see ourselves in each other when we let the love pour through.

      I love what you say about the rawness of sharing – why we share. To connect, to have the experience of acknowledgment of truth – my goodness, that is so spot on. How blessed we are to have a community around us – that we can validate and touch each other, see each other. I know how much you give and share and it inspires me more than you know.

      THIS IS EVERYTHING: “So us beastie boys and girls will now remember to check ourselves, lest we wreck ourselves, and stay as cool as the Ice Cube himself.” Please know this has made my ENTIRE day and I will be smiling from now until sundown! ;) So love you, dude.

      And your closing sentences? About the push and the further and the honoring? Melt my hopeful artist heart and soul. Flawless. I am beyond blessed to have you in my life, Pete. You lift me, too.

      Hugs, love, and all things winged and badass to you, angel friend of mine. Don’t you dare stop! XO

  2. Samira

    What a rocking post! This is so beautiful, raw and honest. It’s rich with heart and soulful energy, the beautiful passion of a creative artist doing her genius.

    You are a goddess of magick my gorgeous soul sista. Thank you for being real and an incredible shining light 💜💕💋✨💫

    1. Allison Marie Post author

      Heyyy rock star beautiful YOU, thank you so much! I LOVE that you use the word “genius” . . . isn’t that the most intriguing thing? That we artists dare seek that elusive moment of inspired genius. A love affair of sorts.

      It lights me up so bright to have you here, Wyld. ;) Love you mad and grateful always, always. Xx


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