{Video} Our Most Inspired Work: We Are All Teachers All the Time

In today’s new video blog, I share a fresh way of thinking about our true work in the world as so vastly much more than just some 9-to-5 gig.

I firmly believe that we are here to be Love and we were designed to teach Love in every possible way. In fact, that is THE entire reason I created Glory Begin.

As I began to explore what it means to be a teacher, it became more and more apparent that we are all teachers all the time.  We teach through our words, our actions, and even through the thoughts we think. All of these things affect the energy of the universe.

One of the greatest ‘teachers of teachers’ is the beautiful soul known as Yogi Bhajan, who introduced the technology of Kundalini Yoga to the U.S. in the 1970’s as a way of heightening awareness of – and connection to – our spiritual selves.

In this video, I share one of Yogi Bhajan’s most uplifting lessons about the real reason why we put our most inspired work out there into the world. This lesson went straight to my soul.

Listen in and let know if this hits home for you:


Are there ways in which you feel called to share inspiration in the world that maybe you haven’t explored yet?  Don’t worry about your title or your day job or any kind of label society may place on you. What is the beautiful creative love work you desire to do?

Your intuition is always pointing you toward your highest work, beloved. Follow your joy.

We are all teachers, all the time. And the greatest demonstration of love is just to begin to share it in the best way we know how.

So much peace and light to you, beautiful, beautiful souls.

Thank you for your presence, your creativity, your warmth, and your voice.

With biggest love, always,

Allison Marie Xx

~ ~ ~

P.S. As promised, here is the link to Yogi Bhajan’s lesson (and plenty more) mentioned in the video.

27 thoughts on “{Video} Our Most Inspired Work: We Are All Teachers All the Time

  1. Brad

    Hi Radiant one!
    I love seeing and feeling your sweetness on these videos. This is a good reminder for me as I seek employment, and great question about what is the beautiful work I yearn to do. I’ll sit with the question on my royal mat! :) hugs and giggles…

    1. Allison Marie Post author

      Hello, hello Gorgeous Brad V!
      I am so damn happy to see you here and feel your warmth. You know this already but: #yourule. I LOVE knowing that this video is awesome timing for you. That’s the Universe on our side for sure. :)
      As you seek employment, I wish you blankets and blankets of inspiration and power. As what will be will be, I am sending you peaceful, mindful vibes.
      Did you find a royal mat?? Haha, that is fantastic! It will do wonders for your energy and light. I’m sure of it.
      Stay amazing and I’m totally hugging this out with you today, guy…. XO

  2. Donna Cameron

    Hi, Allison, this was another lovely post. I’ve been thinking a lot recently about courage (it’ll be the subject of my next couple of blog posts), and how essential courage is to living an authentic life. As I watched your video blog and thought about what I’ve come to know about you over these last few months, I really admire your courage—your heart and spirit—in living as such an open and genuine soul. I resonated with the concept that we are all teachers and see how true it is as I look around my life. Our teachers are everywhere! Thanks for a beautifully expressed post today.

    1. Allison Marie Post author

      Dear Donna,
      Thank you so much for taking the time to watch and leave such a gorgeous comment. I can’t tell you how humbling it was to read your words and to know how you feel. You are awesome!
      I’m still getting used to the video thing – I love how video seems to close a gap of sorts. It feels really real, if that makes sense. It is so much different (I’m learning) than writing. At my core I’m a writer. :) I hope I can learn to make better and better videos going forward. Support like yours means so much to me, thank you!
      Courage – that is a very important and tricky thing, isn’t it? And it surely takes courage to be authentic. It is not easy. A good thing the universe is always sending us our teachers as soon as we are ready to receive them.
      I’m looking forward to your blog posts! :)
      With so much love and gratitude for your light,

  3. aleya

    Allison! I love this video ~ you’re beautiful inside and out.
    I also love Kundalini Yoga and Yogi Bhajan…and it’s funny I watch this video today, as I’ve been contemplating doing the KY teacher training – it’s been one of my passions for so long and a training starts next month.
    I think of you often and I’m sending love always! Much love <3 Aleya

    1. Allison Marie Post author

      ALEYA! My beautiful, beautiful friend!

      My heart literally fluttered when I saw your name – so, so happy to see you here. :)

      Thank you for taking the time and care to watch and to leave such a gorgeous comment. I am so excited for your KY training! What an amazing thing – I wasn’t even thinking when I made this video that anyone watching would be a teacher-in-training. How cool is that.

      By chance did you check out this link: http://www.kundaliniresearchinstitute.org/tools4teachers/docs/On%20Teaching%20Kundalini%20Yoga.pdf – this document was so eye opening (and heart opening) to read. It’s all about what it means to be a teacher of KY, including the oath with mudras (I am not a woman, I am not a man, I am not a person, I am not myself, I am a teacher).

      So damn beautiful. I wish you absolutely EVERY blessing and ray of inspiration aong your new journey. You are such a LIGHT, girlfriend.

      Thank you for all you do and share. Love you so!

      Keep me posted how things are going, okay? I just adore hearing from you. :)

      Much love, always, always,

      Allison XO

      1. Anonymous

        Thank you so much Allison!! I’m in process of moving the training forward – getting time off work, applying etc. Exciting!! And thank you for the article, I’m going to read that right now! I have some questions and I have a *feeling* this will answer some of those. ;) I will keep you posted for sure! So much love to you, have a beautiful day! <3 Aleya

      2. Aleya

        Thank you Allison!! I’m moving ahead with the training….requesting time off work, completing the application. Exciting!! I will definitely keep you posted.

        Thank you for the article too! I’m going to read that right now as I have a *feeling* it will answer some questions I have. ;) Have a beautiful day my beautiful friend! xoxo Aleya

        1. Allison Marie Post author

          Hey gorgeous –
          I am literally TINGLING with excitement for your training, Aleya!! I know you will adore this PDF article – I printed mine out and carry it around with me! So much good stuff in there.
          You are a spiritual mammajamma – stay in touch, ok. Email me any time — I’m with ya, soul sister . . . . go, go, go be that gorgeous light you are!! XXOO :)

          1. aleya

            I read it at work the other day – yay! Felt Yogi Bhajan with me the whole time. Am sending off my application for teacher training today. Thank you my friend xoxo

  4. Darshith

    Hey Hello Allison,
    How’s your day? Do I have to remind you that tomorrow is 11th? :P This teaching is great. We are all teachers & learners at the same time. The level of teaching and learning depends on that particular moment. Your video posts are really amazing & I see that you are wearing a bead necklace. Some spiritual relation to it? We have similar necklace at home.
    Love & light & blessings to you <3

    1. Allison Marie Post author

      Hello, hello Gorgeous Darshith,

      I am just waking up and having my morning coffee and I see your loving comment and I’m SMILING so big because of your words. And your incredible light. How are you, my love? We must ready ourselves for the 11th, right? I may have something for you tomorrow . . . stay tuned . . . keep your eye out . . . okay? :)

      Thank you so much for taking the time to watch this video and let me know your thoughts on it. I am so glad to know this one resonated for you.

      And – YES! My necklace is a mala bead necklace made of 108 wooden beads. I also wear a mala bracelet everyday. I love them, they remind me to keep centered and focused on the good energy. :)

      You are very observant and very clever, angel!

      Is your necklace also dark colored wooden beads? Tell me about it – I’d love to know. There are many beautiful stories that surround some special malas.

      Biggest, biggest love to you, and light, peace and high vibes,

      Always. <3

      1. Darshith

        You’re always welcome Allison <3 Yeah, we also have the same malas at home with 108 beads ;) But I prefer doing chanting and counting till 108 with my hands(12*9) :P I got your 11 number gift ;) Thank you so much for the love <3 You are one of the best people here and gaining knowledge from you makes life easy and wonderful :) Video posts are awesome so keep them coming and I subscribed so that I can see your videos just when they are uploaded :P Love and Cyber Hugs and Happy Sunday Girl <3

        1. Allison Marie Post author

          I love that you made your practice your own by doing the chants the way you feel most comfortable. I always feel like our connection to Spirit should feel cozy.

          I just recorded a fresh video – will release it for you tomorrow, my gorgeous friend. Mondays are special, yes? :)

          Cyber hugs and so much love to you, angel.

  5. Nancy Faerber

    Hi Allison, I am just discovering your blog and love your energy. Your message about teaching all the time, being everyday teachers, resonates with me as I start my own blog and embrace my role as someone with emerging wisdom to share.

    Yogi Bhajan’s idea for the marketplace, for being out there in the world and uplifting others rather than being exclusively focused on building yourself up goes along with my own thinking, esp when it comes to blogging. It should not be focused so single-mindedly on amassing a huge following (and then making ad revenue). I’m an idealist, so I much prefer the idea of writing/exploring/sharing topics that speak to me and trusting that others will find it when they are prepared to do so. As in this little side story: We left an open ladder out on our patio for a few days during some ongoing work. One morning I find a spider web and trace the origin of the web all the way back up to the gutter of our nearby house. Meaning, this spider just jumped, as it were, and found a ladder that happened to be there (which usually never is)! To have the courage to jump and the courage to trust that something/someone will be there to catch and anchor you…well, that is just amazing!

    Much uplifting success to you as jump into video blogging! It certainly looks like you’re on to something here!
    – Nancy

    1. Allison Marie Post author

      Hello, hello Nancy,
      I am SO happy to know you are here – thank you so much for your awesome comment and beautiful thoughts! I read your message twice because it lit me up so much! :)
      First of all – congratulations to you for your blog and for stepping out there to share your wisdom and light with the world. I say this all the time: We Are the Media. I’ve been blogging for a good while now and the more I learn the more I come back to exactly what you say here (and you say it elegantly, by the way):
      “It should not be focused so single-mindedly on amassing a huge following (and then making ad revenue). I’m an idealist, so I much prefer the idea of writing/exploring/sharing topics that speak to me and trusting that others will find it when they are prepared to do so.”
      Halle-freaking-lujah, sister!!!! You and I are totally kindred spirits. I’m an idealist, too, and I’m no longer apologizing for it, haha. I hope we stay in touch for a long time. :)
      And I LOVE your spider story! What an awesome depiction of exactly what it means to trust, to jump, to build. Life will find a way to support us, won’t it. The universe is so full of gorgeous surprises. Thank you for sharing this, my friend. I love nature stories. You are beautiful for having the presence to even notice that web and to take the story into the world totally rocks.
      Thank you so much, Nancy. Let’s keep the good stuff flowing. I hope you will keep me posted as you explore the blogging gig – have FUN!
      Much love and light, always,

  6. Charlie Zero

    Allison, What an excellent video and your belief system is unbelievably amazing.
    You speak from your heart and your spiritual energy is surrounding your with good karma and love of the universe.

    I have never heard of Kundalini Yoga or Yogi Bhajan, but I will check it out on Youtube.


    1. Allison Marie Post author

      Hello, hello Charlie,

      I am so thrilled to ‘meet’ you, my friend! Welcome to Glory Begin. :)

      Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart for watching and for leaving such a beautiful comment. It truly means to world to me to know that these videos served you well.

      My goal is to release a new video each Monday here – so please don’t be a stranger! If you’d like to receive updates by email, you are more than welcome to subscribe at the top of this page.

      Sending you so much love, light and peace, dear one.



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