Ripping Off Snake Skin: Journey of a Restless Soul


What’s troubling you, my beautiful friend?

Feeling a little punchy, right?  A little bit restless?  Kinda like you should be someplace . . . else. Doing something . . . else.  Working on anything . . . else. 

Worried that you should be a little bit farther along, maybe? Because here – wherever here is – is just not cutting it. Here seems like it’s not enough.

Not enough by a long shot.

Yeah, I totally get that. I often feel that way myself. Despite my otherwise pulled-together, elegant exterior (no really, I swear) in the privacy of my own mind I can be fairly damn pushy.

The good news, though, is that you needn’t feel this wretched friction. And I needn’t feel this wretched friction either. In eight simple words, we can release ourselves from all of this murkiness and get about our days (lives) with peace and confidence.

You ready?

Me, too. :)

Here we go:

You are exactly where you need to be.

What you are experiencing at this moment is not wrong and it is no accident. The troubles that you find yourself mired in, the pleasures you seek, the feelings and desires and worries – they are all part of where you find yourself for a reason spiritually crafted to guide you to your highest expression.

*pauses for collective sigh of relief*

It’s true. Without changing anything except your mind about where you are right now, peace is served. But this can be hard to see when we feel like we’ve hit a spiritual wall. It’s tough to believe all is as it’s supposed to cosmically be when we are confused or facing a major life challenge.

There are times when I feel so mixed up and turned around that it takes me quite a while to come back to believing this truth, that I am exactly where I need to be.

We think if we are following the steps and the rules and the mantras and the rituals all will always be fine. Pure bliss.

But this journey is not about the perfecting of a practice, it’s about getting closer and closer to the center of who you are. That’s why a spiritual journey is so personal. At its essence, it’s about uncovering yourself.

Uncovering your true nature means getting ever more adept at trusting yourself.

That’s pretty special. So incredibly special that it takes time, patience and trust.

It tends to sound all massive and mighty to say you are listening for the Voice of God, right. Like some huge, detached mysterious force of something that we can’t actually relate to and who knows us inside and out but we can’t possibly understand ‘Him’ – the whole gig can feel scary and imbalanced.

But that’s not what we are after here. In this place, along our little messy way, we are really after a deeper relationship with our inner guide, our inner voice. The voice of our intuition. The one that will guide us – in ways we will recognize and understand on a level we are not used to operating on – to the people, places, and situations designed to help us.

In an absolutely fantastic book titled Be Here Now written in 1971 by the wise and tremendously groovy old soul now known as Ram Dass, we are reminded that this whole trip is not a search without, but a search deep within.

It’s about journeying into the magnificence of who you already are but have long since forgotten.

You are the Guru.

You are the Universe.

“Where there is faith there is the presence of the guru
He is it all
He is all your impurities
he is all your corruption
There he is smiling at you through them saying
‘This too!’
He sees
He understands
Total compassion
Total compassion means
You are the Universe
You are all form
You are the breath
You are the river
You are the void
You are the desire
to be enlightened
You are Enlightened”

– Baba Ram Dass, Be Here Now

Everything we seek lies already within which is why wherever we are is where we belong. The outside situation doesn’t matter. We are merely creating the outside by choosing our thoughts within.

Digging into your spiritual self is not about blindly following, or politely posturing or forcing yourself to believe things that you don’t.  It’s not about running or hiding out or covering up or turning away.

Aligning with your spirit is about resonance. It’s about awakening to your own vibration. It’s about learning to trust in your deepest self and tuning in to what that little voice is saying, with words, with signs, with silence, with nudges and hunches and ideas that repeat and repeat and repeat themselves.

In every way, it’s a remembering of the wisdom we possess right here as love beings, as light beings, as miracle workers.

You can’t rip the skin off the snake. Spiritual growth doesn’t happen like that.

It will shed it in it’s own time, taking just exactly the time it needs to grow and transform by natural, sacred design.

It’s the same with our spiritual journeys to the center of ourselves. We are shedding our own itchy layers of doubt, confusion, anger, pain and attachment one day, one moment, one breath at a time.

Break the illusion that this journey should be a certain way and let it become what it is.

Relax, angel. Breathe, listen, trust. Wherever you are, whatever is happening, you are being guided.

You are the Guide. You are the Voice. You are the Answer.

You are exactly where you need to be.


~ ~ ~

P.S. I promise you: Be Here Now is wild and magical and beautiful. Indulge your inner hippie. Read the book. (And if you aren’t quite sure you are up for the book, you can immediately check out Ram Dass’ blog page here. Worth following for his incredible wisdom and charming wit. :)

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29 thoughts on “Ripping Off Snake Skin: Journey of a Restless Soul

  1. Brad

    Lots of great wisdom here Allison. This is the core of the path and the hardest thing for me; to listen, hear, trust and act on my inner guidance.

    I’m reading a book called The Endless Practice by Mark Nepo that has a similar message. He suggests the path is about learning to live from our center, open & vulnerable to life, closest to our aliveness.

    I’m grateful to share the path with you. Hugs!

    1. Allison Marie Post author

      Beloved Brad V,
      Your comment RULES. It is so hard isn’t it? To trust. To really build up that confidence that yes, my inner guide is my highest, wisest self. It’s really awesome to say ‘The Universe has my back.’ But believing it is the real work. I feel you. I totally do. I think it’s mini steps, you know? For me at least, I’ve been building up my ability to trust one message, one ah-ha, at a time. The more I listen, the more I ‘get’ – if that makes sense.
      Luckily, the cosmos seems to have a great deal of patience with us, right! :)

      And I adore Mark Nepo. Just so fully adore him! I have his Book of Awakening and I saw him with Oprah when she was on tour. He’s a genius and so gentle, it seems. “Closest to our aliveness” . . . that’s gold. Sounds like an awesome read.

      It is a blessing (and a great deal of fun) to be walking the path alongside each other, my gorgeous friend. My day is always made so much brighter by your energy and presence.

      Namaste, my dear. Love your light.

    1. Allison Marie Post author

      Hello, hello Sharon,

      You RULE! Thank you so, so much for sharing – it is so great to know we can spread the light.

      Peace, always, always soul sister. :)


    1. Allison Marie Post author


      Hello, hello my good friend! It is so awesome to see you here. I am doing well and I hope the same is true for you, guy.

      It is really awesome to know this one resonated for you. Thank you for taking the time to hang out. :)

      Sending peace and light your way, always, always.


  2. Rajagopal

    There is great wisdom in the observation that one’s present situation is not an accident, but the outcome of sum total of one’s actions as orchestrated by one’s capabilities and inclinations, catalysed by external forces, to arrive at ideal positioning at the given point in time. No useful purpose in regretting the past and mulling over future, overlooking the actionable present. In essence, it is all about mindfulness, Allison, living mindfully, in being here now, in line with title of the book you are prescribing. Be it Eckhart Tolle’s ‘The Power of Now’, which I read some seven years ago, or Ram Dass’s ‘Be Here Now’, which I have not read, it is tapping the core within, mindfully anchored in the present..warm regards…xxRaj.

    1. Allison Marie Post author

      My dearest Raj,

      As always, your words and presence are so much appreciated. I love how you call it the “actionable present” – that is so perfect.

      You are so right, my friend. Whether we are reading Eckhart Tolle or any of the beautiful other wise ones, it all comes back to mindfulness. “Tapping the core within, anchored in the present.”

      It is always a pleasure to hear your thoughts and to explore this gorgeous mystery alongside each other.

      Blessings, love and great peace to you, dear one. :)

      Allison xx

  3. Robert

    It is also true that we are exactly where we WANT to be. This is a hard truth which people in difficult circumstances find difficult to accept. But it comes full circle to where we NEED to be. Our soul knows where it must be to foster it’s growth. Nothing is without a higher purpose.
    ‘Everything we seek lies already within which is why wherever we are is where we belong. The outside situation doesn’t matter. We are merely creating the outside by choosing our thoughts within.’ Lovely words of understanding Allison :)

    1. Allison Marie Post author

      Hello, hello ROBERT!!

      I have missed you, my friend! It is SO GOOD to see you – I can’t wait to catch up with your goings on. Thank you for reading and – as always – for sharing your thoughts in this place. It is such a joy.

      It is quite the realization to come to, isn’t it. To realize that we are creating exactly as we desire. A very fine point and indeed an extremely difficult one to see when we are mired in the muck of our own design. Maybe that is why we gravitate toward the readings and writings and wisdom of those who have broken through before us, right? Somewhere deep within, we know this trip is all about our way of thinking.

      Thank you for your presence and warm light. I am truly so grateful, my dear.

      Sending love and peace, always,


    1. Allison Marie Post author

      Beautiful Saya!

      Hello, hello, my friend. You always make me smile when I see you.

      Thank you for your kind words – they have officially made my day. :)

      Knowing this served you well is the absolute BEST.

      Peace and love, always,


  4. Darshith

    Hello Allison,
    Loved each and every word and each and every feel involved in this post :) Those 8 words and how to make the peace of mind is bang on. The example of shedding of skin of the snake is so apt and beautiful. Our mind and it’s thoughts are a tricky business and different to deal, not difficult to deal with. Love and hugs and remember The Number 23 movie :D

    1. Allison Marie Post author

      My gorgeous, gorgeous friend,
      Thank you so much for your words. I just adore them. It is the absolute best to know this post resonated with you. The. BEST.
      And now that I know you and I are 11’s :) I can also tell you that snakes have been appearing for me these days in many ways. I believe in spirit animals as well and when a certain animal begins to appear for you at a certain time in your life – it is telling you something about where you are and what qualities are beginning to be uncovered within you. I’ve had this with black birds, owls, tigers, and now snakes. I’ll have to look up snakes to see what they have to teach me. :)
      I promise to remember 23 – guess what? This morning my lesson number in A Course In miracles was . . . 23. Yes, yes, yes. DOn’t you freaking LOVE the winks of the Universe?

      SO much love to you and thank you for your beautiful light. You bring a glow everytime you visit here.

      Namaste, Darshith.
      Allison XO

      1. Darshith

        Seriously? Wow! Now, you are going have some more 23 visions :P I also just love your comments and the love you share <3 Snakes are scary. To me at least :( But you have had connection with birds and tigers and owls also? Good to know. Owls are also somewhat scary ;) There MUST be some logical reasons behind all these random things happening in the universe. I love it. Your smile is lovely and you r each and every word. Keep sharing Allison <3

        1. Allison Marie Post author

          I am so serious, yes about 23. TOTALLY. :)

          Your words are so lovely and sweet, thank you for taking such time and care, my dear friend. Your presence here lights me on right up.

          Haha, it is true, snakes scare me in a way . . . they intrigue me, too. But fear not, my gorgeous love, the snakes appear to me not in real form but in other ways . . . for instance one week I had 5 of them appear – one in an email from a friend, one in the name of a new Twitter follower, one in a book, etc. You see? They come from all over and if you are alert for their signs, you will pick up a pattern.
          Owls, yes. I have a mad thing for owls. Crazy love them. Most especially the gorgeous snowy white ones with fierce eyes. :)
          I do believe cosmic Love comes to us from a loving Universe eager to communicate. I think, in a way, it is far, far beyond logic or reason. It’s an intuitive thing. And we are all intuitive, you know? We are just slowly waking up to it, to trusting our insticts and guidance.

          You are a very bright spirit, Darshith. I am so, so grateful for you here along the path with me.

          Biggest, warmest love, always,

          1. Darshith

            Wow :) Now, Open to intuition is a good thing to be, I guess :) I will definitely try that out ;) Various forms. Loved the way you explained <3 I also enjoy your presence and your thoughts are mind-blowing :) Universe do speak to us. We just gotta be eager to listen :) Love to you, Allison :)

  5. Anonymous

    You are exactly where you need to be.

    What you are experiencing at this moment is not wrong and it is no accident. The troubles that you find yourself mired in, the pleasures you seek, the feelings and desires and worries – they are all part of where you find yourself for a reason spiritually crafted to guide you to your highest expression.

    I wonder about this. It seems I am. I am the product of my past good and bad. I moved to this new place in January. Meeting a few new people and am glad they are now part of my life. I can now help my adult son who is here. New possibilities. It seems I have been guided here and it was not I that was doing the driving.

    1. Allison Marie Post author

      Hello there,

      Thank you very kindly for taking the time to read and leave a beautiful comment. I am wishing you all good energy and insights along your new way in the world. :)

      It sounds like there is much love awakening for you. A gorgeous thing, indeed!

      Peace to you (and your son and new friends) always, always,


  6. Anonymous

    thanks for a great reminder :) I forget, then remember, and sometimes it takes another’s voice to help me remember.

    1. Allison Marie Post author

      Hello there,

      It is absolutely my pleasure and I am so glad to know this reminded you. I forget, then remember, too. :)

      The love messages always come though, don’t they. . . even from ‘strangers’ sometimes, but they always come. Maybe that makes us not so much strangers after all.

      Peace and all good energy to you, always,


    1. Allison Marie Post author

      Your words warm my heart so much, Whitney! Thank you endless for taking the time and care to leave a beautiful comment. :)
      I can totally relate to the monster of “more/better/bigger” . . . Sending you the good vibes.


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