// phantom //

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And some day, maybe today, someone will read your words and they will not click the like button, and they will not leave a comment. They will not follow you or praise you or reach out to you.

And you will not ever know that they were here.

But they will have been changed by you. They will have been deeply caressed and loved through your words, and they will nestle into them, collapse into them, fold into them, keep them tucked inside the beating of their fragile heart all day, all night.

They will not say a word or leave a mark, for in the reading of your words they will be left temporarily unable to find their own.

Some words are born so that others may feel safe to die.

And all of this you will not know, for there will be no outward sign of the crossing of your hairline paths.

But your soul bears eternal fruit by the nourishment of this brief, secret encounter, for it knows of your having touched this phantom figure in the shadows. Your soul can see what you cannot; it knows what you cannot. It has always known.

This is the knowing you sense in the pressing whisper of your inspiration, calling you to begin, again and again and again.

Asking you to write for the invisible ones, that they may see.

These are the wings of things we seek to create for and don’t know why. There is a reason, though it is cloaked and shrouded in mystery and legend.

There are souls who come just to take a peek. Let them come, let them, let them, let them.

And on days when you feel you have nothing to be grateful for, that you are failing in faith and footing and love, you may be grateful for the ones who came to pass without a trace.

And remember again the greatness and strangeness, the vastness and beauty, the certainty of God.




8 thoughts on “// phantom //

    1. Allison Marie Post author

      Dear Paula,

      I thank you so much, for reading and letting me know this met you right where you are, right when you needed. I am so grateful. The spirit moves in amazing ways. Namaste.

      Much love,


  1. Terrelyn

    Shall I pass by such eloquent words, that misfortune would have me do. ..not to have breathed deep the fragrance of knowing, thus being as that phantom ?

    Alas, I am drawn to them,like a bee in search of nectar from the blossoming tree of wealth,and worthy,
    Beguiling and beautiful these blossoms be..shall I not enjoy such beauty ,and regard its riches,as nourishment to my parched soul?

    I cannot live in dark shadow, as a phantom, yet the beauty and lightness of these words shall illumine me, long after the words have all but faded.

    1. Allison Marie Post author

      Dear Terrelyn,

      Nourishment – what a beautiful thing to say. Thank you so, it means so much to know this has illuminated you in such a deep way.

      Namaste and much love,


  2. plainmama

    Wonderfully written. We always are touched by people and never say so. Yet always ready to complain. Such a beautiful reminder to remark on the positive for it makes our souls happy.

  3. Jennifer Osagie

    Alison, this resonated with me on so many levels. Thank you reminding me to always try to expand outward and upward.

    Warm Regards,


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