// of thy flesh //


aren’t we only here for so long, angel,
aren’t we only a lonely nighttime street
stacked high with patterned silhouettes
of celestial bodies wearing blindfold eyes
no words left to speak.
do you taste me like traces of fire blood on lips
pressed against the looking glass
strung up above intimate scenes.
aren’t we only a mouth full of whispers
panting on the feathered tips of forbidden things
while other people
aren’t we only the siren curves of an hourglass
sifting through phases of the moon
from the grave to the skies
i wear you like an echo of time
when the soft in the skin
that drove you mad
was mine.





~ Allison Marie Conway ~

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All my deepest love and mad affection. x

11 thoughts on “// of thy flesh //

  1. Anonymous

    This poem grabbed me and took me for a ride, I felt every serve and turn, dip and rise. Beautiful words

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  3. Swarn Gill

    This poem really speaks to me of a love lost, a fleeting romance, never meant to last long but nevertheless wishing, against better judgment, that it could. The line i wear you like an echo of time broke my heart a little. That’s really what it feels like. I tried to capture this feeling myself recently in a poem if you have the time to give it a read, I would be most honored. I hope you are well Allison. :)

    1. Allison Marie Post author

      Hello, hello dear Swarn, I am so glad this speaks to you even if it breaks your heart a little. I hope in some way it helps heal it, too. Words are mysterious that way, aren’t they? I will be honored to read your poem, thank you so much for inviting me in. :) I’m doing well and so grateful for your kind wishes. I hope you are well, too. Wishing everything inspired for you today, my friend.

      1. Swarn Gill

        …I hope in some way it helps heal it, too. Words are mysterious that way, aren’t they?

        They are, which is I think why I love to write and why I find language so amazing. I truly seek words that give me authentic emotional experiences that allow me to connect with experiences from my own life. Because there is a healing or understanding (understanding can lead to healing) aspect to it. To me, emotions in their rawest form are a little like being lost in an unknown wilderness. I think sometimes when we feel lost we sometimes feel unable to process them. But words are a little like a map, a map perhaps drawn from one perspective, but a map nonetheless. A starting point to start to explore those feelings. And so I am grateful to read words that give me a map even if sometimes the realization of where you are brings to the surface those emotions. I am of the opinion that no emotion is harmful, and that we must try to understand ourselves emotionally in order to truly become forces of empathy in this world. Because I think this world needs a lot more empathy.

        1. Allison Marie Post author

          A map . . . I adore this. Yes, yes, yes. Little grids, points, celestial bodies inside of our own private galaxies. A universal guidepost drawn of feelings and emotions. No emotion is harmful, truth indeed. We do so need empathy, don’t we. I know from reading your beautiful writings that you feel deeply, it is a rare and precious gift. So many are unable, and perhaps we can open a few doors and hearts along our poetic way. :) Thank you for expanding mine, my friend. Namaste.

          1. Swarn Gill

            You know it’s funny that you said in a comment to me just now on my blog that you smile reading my words. The feeling is quite mutual. It is a gift in itself to meet someone who has that quality to just bring a smile when they speak (write) to you. Is it that we are both that gifted, or are we connected, or both? I am not one to wonder too long about such things because I am not one to look a gift horse in the mouth. :) I am always just grateful to meet such people. But you make me want to write letters in cursive so that I could have the feeling of great excitement of opening an envelope and reading your words as they explode of the page! That’s the best way I can describe how much I smile when I read your words.

            Thank you for such kind ones. Empathy is so important. I have trouble deciding if it is the most important, but I always figure if you just have that, you can certainly make a big difference in this world. I am one of those people who sort of goes around thinking that everyone is just like me in terms of emotional depth, and that others just do a better job of hiding it. But I guess intellectually I know that isn’t really true. But it’s hard for me to ever think that I am deeper emotionally than other people. It feels immodest, and vain somehow. I don’t know. I like the way you put it though “perhaps we can open a few doors and hearts along our poetic way”. That’s kind of the way I look at it. I just want everyone to explore more of that emotional landscape and to not be afraid to really feel. I sometimes think our emotions are like a muscle and it’s good to exercise them too. Sometimes I just like to watch a sad movie and cry a little. :) I’m fairly sappy I have to say. lol I hope inspiration finds you this week, and if not than at the very least peace and smiles. Thank you again Allison for the smiles you bring me. :)

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