Now As Ever: Understanding How To Receive Spiritual Guidance

as ever

One of the biggest keys to receiving spiritual guidance is getting out of your own way in order to allow the universe’s message to come through.

Too often we are so obsessed with getting to the ‘right’ answer that we attempt to force it or try to concentrate on dragging it forward.

Even with good intentions (we do, in our blessed heart of hearts, really want peace), we let our chatty, chomping thoughts trample all over the beautiful silence with our own messy projections, judgments, cares, worries and imagined fears.

This is not guidance, of course.

This is madness.

Loving guidance will not feel strained. It is not about having to be in control.  It is not a cosmic race to get to the answer first or fastest. Love waits on welcome, not on time.

Sit quietly and breathe, angel. This is about letting go of what you think should be the answer and instead becoming open to whatever is the answer that’s on its way.

Try asking your question in a curious way, like a child would. Assuming nothing, expecting to be gently guided by a deeply loving, knowing voice.  Come in peace and let your mind go.

This empty ‘welcome’ space will allow your guidance to come through clearly in a way you can recognize.

The answer or direction you receive may not make sense at first. That’s okay. Trust it even if it doesn’t make sense. Even if it sounds like you asked one question and it seems like a different one is being answered. (As your practice progresses you will see that all of your questions are essentially one problem – the same problem – repeating itself.  But that’s a future post, I promise.)

How about a personal example, yes?

The other morning in meditation, I asked for healing and clarity around the (annoying, muddy, insane, mind-numbing) area of competition in my life. I had become acutely uncomfortable with the amount of self-judgment I was dishing on myself about where I was on my journey compared to the other brilliant people all around me.

I knew my ego nonsense was keeping me from getting my truest, best work done but I couldn’t seem to shake it.

So I hit the meditation pillow, cleared my mind and listened, patiently. Very quickly, my answer came through loud and clear:

You are now as ever.

So damn gorgeous.

But I didn’t get it.  Not at first.

When that inner voice, your inner guidance, comes through it will be certain but you might need to unpack it a bit.  Sometimes I call it a ‘download’ because it comes through like an album with only its cover revealed at first.

You need to unpack it because you are still learning.  Always remember you are the one with the problem. You are not the one with the solution. Be patient; take your time.

The universe, in all its wisdom and compassion, is using this process to elevate you, to stretch you just enough to get you into alignment with your higher self.  A place that will feel new to you each time you reach for it.

Be still. Be humble. Silence your mind.

Let Love lead.  Let yourself be guided.

Get out of your own way, beloved.

You are now as ever.

I wrote this down in my journal and sat with it a while. Without judging it or pushing it aside, I let it open up sort of like a letter unfolding in my mind.

And I got it.

All my worry about comparing myself to others stemmed from my deeper fear that on some level I was not worthy. That I was not good enough. I thought I was bothered by the competition ‘out there’ but I was really bothered by my fears inside.

I wasn’t in tune and I knew it.

“Walk then in gratitude the way of love. For hatred is forgotten when we lay comparisons aside.” *ACIM

Love’s answer aims at healing your deepest fears. Often times that’s why the answers don’t seem to make sense at first. Because while we ask for help from the shallow blindness of fear, the help we seek will always meet us from a much deeper, awakened, loving vibration, one that cuts across – if I may – all the bullshit.

It doesn’t matter what you think you need, Love knows what to heal.

You are now as ever.

I was reminded that am worthy now as I always have been and always will be.  Our loving presence in this moment is not changed by status or popularity or achievement or judgment by the world.

Just as it is not changed by time or circumstance or appearance. We are the eternal brilliance.

We are love and deserving of love now, as ever.

The truth is that the guidance we seek lies already within. The Voice of Love is simply who we are at our highest realization.

All we need to do is let it come through.

And remind us.


~ ~ ~

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10 thoughts on “Now As Ever: Understanding How To Receive Spiritual Guidance

  1. Erika

    “All my worry about comparing myself to others stemmed from my deeper fear that on some level I was not worthy. That I was not good enough. I thought I was bothered by the competition ‘out there’ but I was really bothered by my fears inside.” This is such a profound paragraph. I read it over and over and it spoke more and more to me with every time I read it. We might have understood so much. We might have overcome so many limits. But nevertheless there still is something rooted inside which makes us feel unworthy in some situations. As you say we blame other conditions for it because we actually know how worthy we are. But in the end it still is the lack of self-love. Feeling this love disolves fear and doubt. Great post, Allison!

    1. Allison Marie Post author

      Beautiful, beautiful Erika,

      I thank you from the depths for your GORGEOUS words and spirit and love. Just knowing that this spoke to you is the best gift there is and I am so grateful to you for sharing this with me. I’m totally cyber-hugging this out with you right now. :)

      I adore how you say this: “We might have understood so much.”
      My love, that is such a beautiful thought, so true and so honest.

      We are so loved, aren’t we. May we remember so much more often and do wonderful things from that peaceful space.

      Blessings and so much light abundant, Erika. I’m so grateful for your energy.

      Peace, always,

  2. Brad

    Great post Allison.
    I often struggle with decisions and guidance and appreciate the great tips. A big step for me is to trust that it will come. I love your reminder to come in peace with an open curious mind.
    I might have to go visit the pillow and do some unpacking. :)

    1. Allison Marie Post author

      Helloooo gorgeous Brad,

      I’m so glad this was a good one for you – that’s the best.

      You are definitely not alone in working out the trust piece. In fact, one of the most helpful things I learned when I worked with Amy Oscar’s teachings about communicating with our angels is this: don’t trust blindly. Ask your angels, your inner guide, to show you its presence. Ask for a sign, a touch, a nudge.

      It will absolutely come. I promise. :)

      Hit the pillow, baby. Open, open, open. You were meant for this relationship with your intution. You wouldn’t seek if it weren’t already seeking you. :)

      SO much love and light to you, always, my sweet friend.

  3. Meg Evans

    Yes, we’d all do much better to shut up and get out of our own way! When I feel that I’ve been trying to force things, I take a few moments just to reflect on what exists in the now, and then my perspective shifts; instead of a frustrating problem, I just have another moment full of possibilities.

    1. Allison Marie Post author

      LOL Meg!! You are so awesome – yes! As in: Dear ego, kindly shut up. :)

      I LOVE your message about shifting perspective to the now. That is so damn gorgeous. And this is beautiful: I just have another moment full of

      Just brilliant. Thank you for your light, my friend.

      I so dig your energy!

  4. Darshith

    Heyloo Allison,

    I am a bit late again :) But happy to have read this post :) You write awesome because your thoughts are so raw and truth and natural :) All our answers are within, we just need to look within ;) And “YOU ARE NOW AS EVER” was like “I OPEN AT THE END” from Harry Potter book and loved it and the way all of sudden and out of the blue, the realization of the truth hits us. We are like, it was there infront of us, we were not looking with our eyes open :)


    1. Allison Marie Post author

      My gorgeous and talented friend

      You are welcome here anytime and all the time. Never too late. :) I’m so happy to see you here, guy.

      I never did read (or see) the Harry Potter books (or films) but what an absolutely beautiful phrase “I open at the end.” I just LOVE it. And I love how you say “we were not looking with our eyes open.”

      How very true this is, right.

      I am so grateful that this post spoke to you, dear one. That is my very favorite thing. :)

      So much love and light to you, Darshith.

      Thank you for your warm presence here.


  5. Noelle

    Loved this piece and came across an article that I thought you might like. There’s a point where you have to own who you are and stop looking around wondering what other people are doing. It’s so not relevant, but we are taught to constantly hide our light, not stick out and that some how there’s a bar we’re supposed to meet somewhere. Great writing.

    1. Allison Marie Post author

      Dearest Noelle,
      Please, please forgive me for my delay in responding to your beautiful comment! I’ve just returned from a vacation and am just now catching up.
      I was so thrilled to hear from you and to know that you enjoyed this piece. That’s the best.
      Also, I thoroughly enjoyed this article – thank you SO much for sharing it with me. I really appreciated it. It is amazing to hear from so many beautiful souls who have decided to go forward into the light. Every time I meet someone who is willing to be Love manifest I am in awe. Because I know it didn’t come easy.
      Living in Love – ironically enough – takes guts. :)
      I am sending you so much peace, light and love, my friend.
      Thank you for your spirit and presence here, always.


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