How to Get the Love You Desire (Fast & Easy)

We have to do more.

Right? I mean, what we’ve done isn’t enough.

Right? Because we’re still lost and confused and aren’t exactly sure what we’re doing or should do next (quite possibly it’s chocolate, though, whatever the fuck it is).

On some existential level (and to sort of box up our random idiotic cravings and shove them under the proverbial bed) we simmer all this vague “needing” to do the “more” down to “needing more love.”

We seek for love.

Don’t we?

We look for love in everything – we want love from our family, our dog, our kids, our killer abs, our boy/girl/friend’s killer abs, our talent, our blog, our followers, our art, our sex, our fantasies, our work, our homes, our partner, our vibrator, our new haircut (no, you look so cute tho, seriously).

But love isn’t any of those things (okay, maybe we’re on the fence about the vibrator but let’s try to focus, kids).

These may be expressions of love but none of them are the Source of it.

We seek for love so deeply; to know it, to find it, to be in it, to be guided by it.

And these days, truly, the spiritual movement is gaining righteous amounts of momentum which is an absolutely gorgeous thing. Rock that out, lovers, all day long.

But with all the growing attention on spirituality, spiritual practice, awakening, meditation and every slick thing that is that groovy kundalini stuff, we may have collectively done something we didn’t intend to do (but we did it anyway because we think we’re pretty fucking clever in our harem-panted-over-achievements).

It seems we’ve taken the essence of a spiritual connection, a spiritual life, an energetic relationship to a Love Who knows us and looks out for us all the time, and we heaped so much pressure on ourselves to “emerge” and “arrive” that we complicated that goodness to the zillionth degree, such that now – despite all the focus on connecting to the light within – we so often can’t seem to do it.

Sexy we, armed with our mantras and mala beads and frankincense, are still lost, still looking, still striving, still trying so hard to connect and get this spiritual stuff figured out / squeezed in / sleeve-tattooed.

And the more we think we need to DO the more we complicate what would come naturally to us as intuitive creatures if we would simply remember that we were born in and of the very connection we seek.

The truth is we need to do less. We need only come to Love with the slightest willingness to receive the answers we seek and Love will provide the guidance, abundance and healing we need.

Love will provide the healing, inspiration, signs, wisdom, peace, acceptance, forgiveness, absolution, redemption. Call it what you like.

Call it salvation if you want to get really textbook / biblical about things.

But it’s all just a million different ways of asking for the same spiritual experience: for the Spirit of the Highest Compassion to change our minds from a state of fear to a state of love, and to move our lives forward from there.

So that we can make decisions from there. Make choices from there. Speak and breathe and listen from there.

That’s all.

We don’t need to know how it will happen.

We don’t need to do anything to prepare ourselves for it to happen (but if you dig the frankincense – that’s totally cool: knock yourself out).

We don’t need to be different or sit different or be good or bad or get the timing of day or night or mid-afternoon right.

Love is come as you are.

But, as it turns out, this is very hard for us to believe.

There can be so much relief in just that little statement, right?

Love is come as you are.

Come broken. Come confused. Come messy. Come afraid. Come distraught, stressed, ugly, angry, weak, unsure.

Come hopeful. Come reluctant. Come helpless.

Just come.  Just come.  Just come.

Last week we talked about the idea of surrendering ourselves to the Universe. And the responses from you guys were AMAZING. We took that post and fleshed it out even further to express how the idea of surrender is super fly (yes, people still say that . . .  okay, I still say that), but to actually DO IT is a whole other trick.

How, though? How to surrender? How to bring our questions to Love and get the answers we need?

Inside a hyper-aggressive culture that wants us to perform, perform, perform and produce, produce, produce and perfect, perfect, perfect all the fucking time, how do we actually perform the surrender?

And for heaven’s sake: HOW DO WE DO IT RIGHT?!

Surrendering is something we want to do. We want to trust in a Higher Power. Letting the Universe take the reins sounds trippy and fantastic. Sling up the hammock and bust out the umbrella drinks, Universe.

But how will this happen? What will happen if we ask The Highest Energy for answers? What will be required of us? What will we have to do? What will the answers be? Can we handle them? What if we can’t handle them? What if we don’t have what it takes? Who the devil do we think we are? What the hell do we know?

“It is your realization that you need do so little that enables [Love] to give so much.”

A Course In Miracles

We don’t know, angels.  We don’t need to know.  We aren’t supposed to know.

And this is the really (REALLY) hard part for we who are boss-babe / independent / I-don’t-need-anybody-I’ve-got-this / step-off-me / ma-name-is-no-Meghan-Trainor types so hold onto your badass:

Accept that you need help.

Accept that you don’t have the answers.

Accept that you are not in this alone.

Accept that you need guidance beyond your tiny understanding.

Accept that you need divine assistance from a Love that lives so deep within that you would not even be alive to be so “tough” without it.

“It is this that makes the holy instant so easy and so natural. You make it difficult, because you insist that there must be more that you need to do. You find it difficult to accept the idea that you need give so little to receive so much.”

The Course


We want to do everything ourselves (so that we can crash headfirst into exhaustion and then wish weren’t in this ourselves, yes?).

We want to prove we deserve the love first and then ask for it.

This, beautiful creatures, is backwards.

Listen in as I read this incredibly powerful teaching from A Course In Miracles that explains why doing less is how we get more.  This is THE KEY to mastering the elusive art of surrender in order to get the love we so deeply crave.

(*Heads up, critters: An important note: I read from and practice many of the universal metaphysical teachings of ACIM. At the same time, I do not personally refer to God as exclusively male. Since I’m reading word for word from the text I will read it as it exists within the actual Course, however, I feel it is only fair to let you know that in my personal spiritual life I experience Love (God) as male and female and beyond our understanding of both. I believe that when we are fully and totally open, we experience all Energy that is of God, which is all energy: male, female, human, divine, and beyond what we can comprehend.)

The Little Willingness:


Super powerful, yes? A major relief, yes?

This teaching makes all the difference in living a spiritual life of distress or a spiritual life of ease, freedom, and abundance.

You don’t fix yourself and then come to Love to be fixed. You don’t find the answer yourself and then come to Love for an answer.

You don’t have to figure this all out, beloved.  Spirit has you covered.

You don’t have to be so strong, my friend.  Love is stronger than you could possibly fathom and she’s already on your side eternally.

We try so hard we ruin the magic.

We strive so hard we strain our patience and drown out the very answers we seek.

Just that little willingness to be taught, that little willingness to show up in front of Love in our brokenness and ask to be healed, to be loved, to be enlightened.

That’s what allows the miracle (what The Course calls the “holy instant”) – the change of mind from fear to love – and the guidance, the answers, the revelations, the beauty to pour forth.

When we over strive it is because we fear we will not be met with the Love. We fear our faith in that mysterious support is unfounded.

Not true, not true, not true, not true.

We are always met with The Answer.

And the answer is always Love.

So. How to get the love you desire?

Show up, humble, open and willing as you are.

And expect it.

Fast and easy?

Well, now. That’s up to you.



P.S. As always, I thank you for your presence and light in this place.  YOU are the love and the spark and the verve that keeps me going. Thank you for sharing my work with your friends, family, followers. It means more than I could ever say. With all my love, Allison Marie x


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      Hello, hello gorgeous you. I’m so glad – truly, deeply, madly glad.

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    The perfect message for me today. Thank you Allison. Now if I can ask and trust, and be open to receive!
    blessings my friend

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      Gorgeous Adam, thank you so much my friend. So honored to have you here. I’m just doing a recording for tomorrow’s post and I’m thrilled to know you enjoy the voice. <3


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