{Video} How to Find Your Calling (& Super Big Joy)

Hey, there, hey love, excuse me – hi friend – quick question for you: what are you supposed to be doing with your life?  I mean, I’m just curious: what’s your thing, what’s your gig?  What’s your calling?

I guess what I’m asking you is:  what are you here to . . .  you know . . . DO?

Kind of a tricky one, right.  Little bit.  For you, for me, for all of us.

But over the course of my deeply spirit-steeped life, I discovered 2 tiny words that have come in massively handy when it comes to keeping me centered, guided and joyful on my path. So incredibly useful are these words, in fact, that I have been using them daily to manifest my personal calling and stay intimately tight with what it is that Spirit is asking me to do.

What are these two transformational words?

Listen in and let’s get about uncovering your beautiful calling and your deepest joy:


There is no better time than right now to begin to get in touch with your true calling. If this message resonated for you I promise you there is a divine reason for it.

Nothing comes into your life by accident, beloved.  We are all messengers and angels for one another; we are here to walk each other home.

Whatever your calling is, whatever reveals itself to you as your purpose, you can be certain that it will be about love, it will be about light and it will be about service.

As always, I welcome your comments – and you :) – with open arms and an open heart.

If you know someone who could benefit from this message I invite you to share this post with them. There are so many beautiful souls out there who could use a gentle reminder that they are so loved and that their gifts, talents and presence matter to us all.

Sending you peace and joy, dear ones.  Always, always.

Allison Marie Xx

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8 thoughts on “{Video} How to Find Your Calling (& Super Big Joy)

    1. Allison Marie Post author

      My gorgeous Brad,
      I love seeing your beautiful face here – and your words are the BEST. I definitely love the juicy energy! However did you know?
      May you know so much peace, guidance and light, dear one. Follow that joy, baby.
      Big love and hugs. :)

  1. Carolina

    Hi my dear Allison the love and light lead me here today and I found out that you’re doing a wonderful job with your beautiful videos Congratulations I loooove them all!!! I am so glad that I came to visit you to discover this! You wont believe but this is what really happened…yesterday I posted a quote I wrote on my Blog you can read it here
    today I was checking at my followers and for some reasons you were in my mind, I wanted to see what you were doing! I always loved your work and writings you are a very inspiring soul and beautiful too, seeing you in your videos is like talking to you face to face and your inner soul, love and peaceful energy just comes out as enlightment of your words. I Am walking through my own journeys of love light and clarity trying to find my answers and following this amazing path!
    As you know I am an Artist and I always thought to use the talent I got gifted to speak to people souls trough my Art in every expression of creativity I have…here we are with your precious words USE ME…
    I subscribed to your youTube channel! <3 Much love sent to your way, I guess the universal love connected us today, looking forward to your future posts! <3

    1. Allison Marie Post author

      Good morning, GORGEOUS Carolina!!

      I ADORE your comment! Hearing from you lights me right on up, my beautiful love.

      Isn’t it the best when the Universe brings kindred souls together – the sparks are absolute magic. The path really is – just exactly as you say – AMAZING. :)

      Videos feel so much closer to each other, don’t they? I love – LOVE – knowing they serve you well. I pour my heart into them, I promise to give you everything I’ve got always, dear one.

      I will be coming by today to see your beautiful post – I can’t wait! But I’m off to an appointment now . . . and I will be back soon.

      So much love to you and biggest, warmest, bear-sized hugs!

      Allison Xxxx


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