GB Podcast 3: Honor Your Creative Sanctuary


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Welcome, welcome you gorgeous angels, you incredibly gifted artists. I am Allison the creator of Glory Begin and your host for these podcasts. Thank you so much for being here today. I am super excited to get knee deep, maybe even shoulders deep, what the hell let’s go all in, let’s plunge in, to the topic of your creative sanctuary.

There is a vast open space within you that is so intriguing, so mesmerizing and so mysterious that it pulls at you all the time. Within every one one of us there is this warm, dark and joyous place where our inner most secrets and creative visions are gnawing to come out and play. You feel this right, sometimes?

That inner begging, that inner call to create something that has never before been seen or heard. Something special, something sacred that only you can bring forward.

And yet we often don’t give ourselves the space to get balanced because a big part of us resists it. It can often be easier to thrash about absorbing, researching, consuming, trying to keep up with the outside world, we don’t want to miss anything so we stay constantly engaged.

This is the perfect recipe for exhaustion, confusion and burn out.

The creative process requires that we get still and get quiet within ourselves so we can hear the voice, the muse, the angels.

So I just wanted to suggest today that we make time to pull away, retreat, remove ourselves from the mayhem to get centered and get clear about our purpose, and get balanced on the inside so that we are in control, we are mindful when we set out into the world. It can be tough to do, tougher than we like to admit to ourselves but we are up against the rush of our lives and of our culture, the go go go faster faster faster, more more more.

There is an inner resistance as well to creating art. Some invisible force that seems to be pushing us way from the thing we most want to explore. We want to be creative but then there’s the voice – right – the minute our little creative monster pops his head up we judge it – get real, I don’t have time or stop bothering me you won’t make me money or famous, and all of these things we tell ourselves about why we can’t begin. Why it’s not worth it to begin.

I would even suggest that our culture developed into such a chaotic noisy state because messing with outside noise is easier and flashier and more instantly gratifying than listening to our inner voice. The inner voice is richer, more satisfying, and a hell of a lot sexier than the noise but we have to choose to get close to it. It’s the tougher choice.

Beginning can be hard. Choosing everyday to begin our creative process by tuning in to that divine voice requires serious commitment. Most of all though we have to believe and trust that it’s in the silence that the words come. It’s in the stillness that the inspiration and visions come.

So it may sound radical – but I’m ok with that – I’ll suggest this idea: honor yourself. Honor your inner voice by giving yourself time, space, and freedom to be quiet.  Give yourself the gift of mining your creative energy. Dare to go slow, allow yourself to simmer, alone. Slow is ok – slow is tender, precious, and mindful. Slow honors the eternity of your soul.

Go patiently, gently, deeply into the darkness, not the scary darkness, the creative sweet darkness, the envelope of silence, the rich velvety dark where moans and screams and singing can come forward and be released, un-judged, untouched, unencumbered. The dark is the mystery. Lean into the unknown a while.

Let yourself be amazed by what comes forward. It comes from beyond you. Open yourself to be a vessel, to be used by the Higher Power for something ethereal.

Into the wet dark sanctuary, the warm womb of the muse, the place inside that expands across vastness, knows no limit yet caresses you wholly in it’s winged love.

Make time, surrender to the art that wants to come forward.  Honor the part of you that wants to explore your talent whatever it is. Create the space for it.

Sometimes the call to the sanctuary is subtle, because we hardly know it is there a midst the shrill of constant pressure to perform, interact, produce, get ahead. But constant giving becomes heavy, needy, pandering. It’s not sustainable.

If this message finds you when you are tired, you are needing, good. It’s meant for you. Undress from the nonsense, take off the stress of the world, lay it down. Immerse yourself in the creative work that is yours alone to bring.

I’d like to share with you passage from Steven Pressfield’s The War of Art, his powerful book about beating Resistance to creating meaningful work in the world. I like to say to people ‘if you could talk to angels . . . why wouldn’t you?’ and so this excerpt from the book and it’s focus on what wondrous things happen when we simply begin to do what matters to us is to me absolutely magical.

On page 122 is a passage taken from W.H. Murray’s The Scottish Himalayan Expedition and then Pressfield continues in his own words.

[Reading: The Magic of Making A Start]

These are Steven Pressfields words I hope you enjoyed hearing them, I hope they spark something in you.

I know there is resistance to creating something beautiful and meaningful. I promise you I go through the exact same invisible battle every time I want to try something new. But knowing that angels are ready to rush to my aid when I finally sit down to do the work is too beautiful to resist. Every one of us has a personal invitation from the Divine to co-create.

Each time we begin, we learn how to enter the sanctuary again.

Thank you for your energy and light, you guys, thank you so much.

Until next time, I wish you peace, always and always.

~ ~ ~

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16 thoughts on “GB Podcast 3: Honor Your Creative Sanctuary

  1. rajagopal

    Interesting post , allison…there is a type of retreat practised by Hindu and Buddhist monks requiring a person to stop talking and engage in absolute silence for week to ten days . you are required to totally abstain from talking to anyone ; communication , if any , must be through the written word only . gandhi was an ardent practitioner of this spiritual exercise , retreating into silence for days together . there is sanctity in the still , silent moments that enable one to be in communion with the inner core , where divinity truly dwells…peace and love…raj

    1. Allison Marie Post author

      Thank you so much, Raj. I have to admit, I think there’s a monk in me somewhere deep. I would be grateful to even do one full day of intentional silence I find so much richness in it. Thank you for sharing this comment I appreciate what you have said so much.

      “Sanctity in the still” is the perfect way to express it, I love that. This world is too intense it seems, too hyper focused on things that are worse than useless, they are damaging to our inner peace.

      Thank you for listening and as always for your presence here. Blessings, light and love to you,


  2. Anonymous

    thanks! that is so inspiring – it really is hard to talk about HOW and WHEN to let that creativity out, and you’ve got a great way of discussing it. I appreciate your ideas and talk about the resistance of what we most want to express. that’s not felt by everyone, so it’s good to hear from YOU. thanks! :) mikey

    1. Allison Marie Post author

      Hey Mikey!

      So happy to see you here! :)

      I’m so glad this resonated for you. We creatives are so similar to each other in these ways, how we approach the blank canvas every day. I bet more people experience it than admit to it, haha. It’s a really tough thing.

      And isn’t it strange that the more badly we want to express something, the more we distance ourselves from it? Wild. The stillness is a great teacher, though. Strengthening us every time we begin. :)

      Peace and light to you, friend, always,


  3. Merideth

    This comment really spoke to me Allison … “we make time to pull away, retreat, remove ourselves from the mayhem to get centered and get clear about our purpose, and get balanced on the inside so that we are in control, we are mindful when we set out into the world.”

    Too often, we dive into the chaos headfirst and do our best to remain above water. There is no intention, no purpose…just a desire to survive. Someone once told me that life is meant to be LIVED, not ENDURED. Your post reinforced that for me this morning. Thank you <3

    1. Allison Marie Post author

      “Lived not endured” – WOW, thank YOU for that gem of a comment. I love that, it’s the perfect summary. You are so right, this life is not about survival – thank God – for many of us. We who are blessed enough to have so much should be able to live from a place of higher purpose and use it to serve.

      It is so tough because our culture is constantly screaming, trying to wrestle and control our precious attention. We are so much more sacred than that. We have every right to honor ourselves and mine our own understanding on our own terms.

      I am so grateful for your comment and for your listening. Thank you so much for your spirit.

      Many blessings and much light, always,


  4. aleya

    brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. i’m tweeting it. i just wrote a short post inspired by an interview i heard with liz gilbert on ‘creative curiosity’. your post reminded me of that…but i LOVE where you take it! XO

    1. Allison Marie Post author

      Beloved Aleya,

      You’ve no idea how much your message means to me, thank you, thank you, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart! If I could bust through this screen and hug you – I so seriously would! :)

      I am coming over ASAP to see your post – j’adore your words and your spirit so.


      Allison XO

  5. Sherri

    Oh Allison, iIt is so true that it seems so much harder to take the time be really still, seek that inner peace and quiet, than it is to live this frenetic, noisy kind of life, always worried we will be missing on something. Yet when we stop, really stop, and listen in the silence, seek out the voice that is whispering to us…pray and truly ‘Be Still’ before God in prayer, then we gain so much more. Your pure spirit of peace and calm radiates through your posts and podcast my dear friend. Blessings to you this day and thank you for all you share here….with great love to you… xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

    1. Allison Marie Post author

      I love your comment so much, Sherri :) You picked exactly the right word: frenetic. And I sympathize with all of us because we are only trying to do our best and be our best but our world seems to be shoving what that means down our throats instead of us deciding for ourselves where our precious energy belongs.

      Thank you so much for your words and for your support, I hold them so close and dear, always will. Knowing you are around the corner in this cyberhood is the grooviest :)

      Big love and hugs, always,

      Allison xoxoxoxoxo!

  6. Mike

    Being creative; trying to explore that side of ourselves everyday can be very challenging. Forcing creativity, begging it to come forward is often going to end in dismay.

    “honor yourself. Honor your inner voice by giving yourself time, space, and freedom to be quiet. Give yourself the gift of mining your creative energy. Dare to go slow, allow yourself to simmer, alone. Slow is ok – slow is tender, precious, and mindful. Slow honors the eternity of your soul.”

    This advice is strong, Allison. Too often, we creative folks try to push ourselves to the point of exhaustion, hoping to be better, get more fame, more “likes”, more money from our work – instead of sitting back, relaxing and allowing the creative energy time to grow. I’ve learned that creativity can’t be forced out but massaged!! At least for me, anyway!

    Wonderful hearing your voice, I’ll be a regular listener for sure!

    1. Allison Marie Post author

      I thank you so, so kindly for listening, Mike. It is so touching to know this resonated for you, it was such a pleasure to make and to share with friends :)

      I love it: massage the creativity – that’s gorgeous!! I will keep that one in mind, very gentle.

      I am so glad you will be a regular! Your energy keeps my energy going, man :) :)

      HUGE huge thanks.

  7. Zuhaib Shaikh

    Dear Allison

    Another post full of powerful messages. And some amazingly vivid imagery that I keep getting lost into :) “mining your creative energy”, “allow yourself to simmer, alone.”, “the envelope of silence, the rich velvety dark where moans and screams and singing can come forward and be released, un-judged, untouched, unencumbered”. I could slowly simmer in this beautiful imagery and create worlds inspired from them. I am a fan!

    It is indeed an invisible battle that wages itself every day. But I guess if this is the very nature of creativity, it isn’t something to shy away from but perhaps face and even revel in. If we are pens then I agree that the ink we must dip into lies within. The resulting smudge is the stuff creativity is made of.

    This post definitely sparked something in me. Thank you. Again. :)

    Gratitude aplenty

    1. Allison Marie Post author

      Dear Zuhaib,

      Thank you so for listening! I did get into that silky place with imagery in this piece in fact after I released it I thought, hhmmm I wonder what folks will thin of this? I enjoy it, I enjoy offering something people aren’t used to, it is a chance to let them in, not just to my world, but into their own.

      And this seems to be what happened for you so this makes my so very happy. Do create new worlds, do simmer, do amazing things! ;)

      I am a fan of this: “If we are pens then I agree that the ink we must dip into lies within.” Gorgeous, gorgeous.

      There is a battle, no doubt. There is resistance and there are angels, I believe in all of it. I think creative people (and truly, everyone is creative) take a risk tapping in to the real depths. It’s not easy . . . but then I also think the gritty battle is, in it’s own way, beautiful as well.

      Here’s to the sanctuary ;)

      Blessings and light in the dark, always,



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