We Go First: The Beginner’s Invisible Advantage (Beginner’s Luck Series)

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Put your hand in here.

No really, feel this – it’s totally wild. I know you can’t see it but just put your hand in, come on.

It’s all good, seriously, you want to feel this.  It’s incredible.

It’s beyond worth it, I promise. 

Trust me.

I often feel artistically driven by something that’s hard to describe. Driven to create, to explore, to look at things upside down, spread apart and then from 80,000 feet above. It’s not even a drive maybe as much as a compulsion to keep uncovering and keep digging and keep sharing.

It comes naturally, though not predictably.

Sometimes in the dead of night I’ll wake straight up to a loud, silent voice. I’ll be suddenly consumed with words, inspired, and start scribbling in my notebook by the neon glow of my iPhone because I’m sure I’ll go mad if the words don’t get pinned down just as quickly as they appear in my mind.

Or I’ll come up with something decadent while blow drying my hair (long hair helps, plenty of zen time) and jot it down so I can spin it somehow later in the day. Or week. Or never. Doesn’t matter, as long as I get it down.

Other times, I’ll have to pull over while driving to write something down that just occurred to me and is immediately delicious and I need it on paper – badly and right now. This is especially frustrating when there’s no where to pull over and once I finally do, I discover the ink in the pen I’ve left in the car over night is now frozen solid. Cursing, I dip the pen onto my tongue trying desperately to warm the ink enough to start the flow.

Real writers lick pens when necessary. (Some lick them when not necessary but that’s another issue altogether, no?)

I digress. ;)

The thing is, no matter when or where inspiration graces me (slams me over the head, whatever) it always feels like being invited into somewhere I can’t see but I’m dying to go. It’s as though I’m being asked to reach in and touch on some kind of level.

It’s a call but it’s not a one-way deal, it’s like the compulsion in me to create has been precisely designed to respond to the force inviting me to do it.

“Ah, but when we begin. . .
When we conceive an enterprise and commit to it in the face of our fears, something wonderful happens. . . Angel midwives congregate around us; they assist as we give birth to ourselves, to that person we were born to be, to the one whose destiny was encoded in our soul, our daimon, our genius.” ~ The War of Art, Steven Pressfield

Beginners make better art because they willingly, openly accept an invitation into the unknown. No matter how much they may have learned along their way already, where they are about to go is new for them now.

And all we have is now.

In so many ways we are encouraged to “begin” or to “take the first step” toward our dream. In fact, it’s often the final word (ironically) in many inspirational speeches.

Beautiful words, beautiful motivational words all thrumming and stacked up and culminating in . . .  “Begin!” 

Ah, the crowd cheers! Spirits fly high on ecstatic hearts a-flutter!

And then we go home and everything gets quiet and we wonder what happened to our spirit. Where did the rush to move go?  What do we do now?  How do we begin?


We’re told “The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.” And that is very good and sexy and brazen indeed.

But it’s also deceiving in a way that it doesn’t mean to be. It implies that the beginning of a thing – an adventure, a poem, a business, a painting, a recovery, a diet – is the first forward movement.  A step: something demonstrated, something the world can watch, that we can all see, evaluate, measure.

But the real beginning is invisible.

The real beginning is a mindset.  It’s a change of mind from one that says “Maybe tomorrow.” or “Not right now.” to a mind that says “Yes. I accept.”

It’s the decision to trust in something and follow it without knowing exactly where it will lead.

The beginning is the minute you decide that it’s time.

It’s the second you break off from judgment.  It’s the suspension of expectation, the giving over of everything you have to the process of creation itself.

The beginning is a remembering of what you are designed to do and from where you came in order to do it.  It’s remembering who you truly are and moving into it rather than away from it.

We are creative beings by sacred design.  To be creative is our destiny.

All we need to get to is that willingness to create, to open up, to think differently about a work, a problem, a piece. To trust in the unknown – to let go of trying to control the outcome and just enjoy the mystery for what it is.

Our willingness isn’t the spark, it’s the slick gliding of the matchstick along the side of the matchbox. It’s the taxi down the runway.  It’s you racing toward the sky knowing you’ve got wings strong enough to fly.

“It’s called the principle of favorability, beginner’s luck. Because life wants you to realize your Personal Legend,” ~ The Alchemist, Paulo Coelho

The energy of this life is working constantly on our behalf, guys.  The slightest willingness on your part, in your mind, to become everything you are meant to be attracts all the powers of the universe and summons them to aid you in achieving your greatest and deepest desires.

The instant you believe this, you’ve begun.

Trust the Universe, trust there is more and it’s worth learning. It’s worth more than the comfort of holding back, of covering up. Trust you’ll be given everything you need to handle the rejection and the glory.

Your brand new beginning is the instant you unstrap your self-made straight jacket of mental torment that says ‘you can’t’ and ‘you wouldn’t’ and ‘don’t you dare.’

The beginning is the invisible click, the change of mind.

The beginning welcomes the uncomfortable. It accepts that tension is inevitable. It’s the willingness to go first, without a map, without being told.

The second you accept exactly where you are and create from that authentic space, you have made the shift.

“The beginning is the most important part of the work.” ~ Plato

The creative beginner is willing to try something new without being able to predict the outcome. Without having any guarantee what it will feel like to put his hand in and experience it.

She accepts the invitation.

We create art, love, and peace because we connect to an invisible inner call to express who we are, who we truly, daringly, nakedly are.

What burns inside you to begin, beloved?

Are you willing to embrace the call?

Do you want to go first?

Put your hand in here.


~ ~ ~

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22 thoughts on “We Go First: The Beginner’s Invisible Advantage (Beginner’s Luck Series)

  1. Erika

    I hear you, Allison, in every word. I feel totally the same when I have some words or pictures in mind. I need to write them down because I know they won’t appear again the same way when I lost them. Also beginning something, taking the first step into a new adventure and at places never been there before is most exciting and inspiring because we are open and receptive for the new.

    1. Allison Marie Post author

      You and I are such kindred spirits, dear Erika, I knew it the minute we connected. Your light is bright as the sun and I thank you for bringing it to this space.

      Isn’t it funny how the words and images come and go and we have to capture them!

      Here’s to our excitement and wonder along this wild creative path, where everyday is a new beginning. ;)

      Blessings and light your way, dear friend,



  2. Brad

    Beautiful post and encouragement Allison! This is exactly what I needed to hear today. I seem to have lost the voice, maybe I just need to be willing again. Thanks my friend.
    to creating, willingness, hearing and answering the call…

    1. Allison Marie Post author

      Hey Brad, hey,

      I’m sorry, I replied to you earlier but it looks like it didn’t go through. I shall do my best to repeat what I had written originally! Ready, here goes:

      I love your comment. I LOVE when someone says ‘that’s what I needed to hear’ because that means it was MEANT FOR YOU. I am just the vessel. If something struck a chord, if you were inspired – rruuuuunnn with it, my friend!

      The voice is in you always, always, always. I bow to your inner willingness to get close to the voice inside. That’s the good stuff.

      Your guidance is on its way and it’s breathtakingly beautiful. I can feel it. ;)

      Peace, dear one, always,


  3. Meg Evans

    Awesome! I suppose I must have that beginner’s mindset because when I read the first few lines, I imagined putting my hand through the white screen as though it didn’t really have any solidity but was just made of inviting white energy, conforming itself to the shape of my hand. :)

    A long time ago, I was the sort of kid who wandered off in the woods to look for fairies… we all need more of that fairy-tale imagination in our adult lives. Maybe there’s nothing to be found but trees and wildlife and paths to explore, but those discoveries have much value in themselves.

    1. Allison Marie Post author

      Beautiful Meg,

      Hello! I totally love the imagination in your reaction to this piece! You totally captured what I was feeling with the concept. The wandering is the beauty, isn’t it? It’s the freedom to enjoy, to savor, to dig.

      You DO have beginner’s mind – who is to say you couldn’t reach out and touch the invitation. I love that you imagined a portal of sorts and reaching into the screen . . . it’s so sci fi! Love it.

      Here’s to the mystery. I’m with you: “those discoveries have much value in themselves.” Yes, yes, YES.

      Just one big huge YES. ;)

      Wishing you an awesome Sunday and a most adventurous week, dear one.

  4. Fashion Assist

    I so very much appreciate the reminder that “beginnings” start as ‘seeds’ in our heads with a thought…
    often fragile and fleeting, a timely collection of these seeds (thoughts, inspirations) is important.
    They need to be available, stored and ready to ‘plant’…
    ready to ‘harvest’ the moment the mindset ignites!

    “A moment’s beginning ends in a moment”
    ― Munia Khan

    During the Christmas holidays my Moleskine (my ‘seed’ collecting pot) got tucked under a chair for safe keeping. I’ve missed it—reached for it many times, and even gone off to fetch it but each time I’ve been sidetracked. Good news! It’s now back where it should be, beside me, thanks to you dear Allison ♥

    And once again my friend, merci beaucoup for inspiring and giving me that much-needed kick in my creative derrière because I also need to make that ‘invisible click’, welcome the uncomfortable…
    and get started on a few new “beginnings”! ~xo

    1. Allison Marie Post author

      Beautiful friend,

      I love absolutely everything about your comment. You write so beautifully! I like how you speak of ‘seeds’ – that is just so perfect. Love it.

      What an awesome quote you share here by Munia Khan – she is lovely inside out. ;)

      Moleskine beside you, you are ready to collect your seeds and grow. I totally feel your good vibes – I wish you adventure and joy along the way. And of course, know you are always more than welcome here to dip into some inspiration any time.

      It always brightens my day to have you come visit!

      Here’s to your bright beginnings, dear one.

      Much love,

      Allison xoxo

  5. Richard

    Hey beauty,

    “The Instant you believe” are the words dancing around in my mind now that I read them here today. Like Dorothy. We have always had the power.

    Thanks for shining that bright bright light of yours! xoxo Richard

    1. Allison Marie Post author

      Hello there, love,

      Thank you for reading and for your beautiful comment. I love that those words are dancing in your mind! It is so true just as you say – we have the power. All we need to do is invite it to come forward.

      It is my absolute joy to shine along side you, gorgeous friend. ;)

      Blessings and light, always,

      Allison XO

  6. Robert

    “Ah, the crowd cheers! Spirits fly high on ecstatic hearts a-flutter!” oh yes! This is what happens within our own hearts when we rise to the ‘”invisible inner call”.

    But how do we begin? You are right, the beginning is invisible, I’ve never thought of it like that, it’s why it can seem so difficult. A step at a time, to realise we are all creative beings, whichever path we are on. People can be creative, not just in the arts but in every walk of life. Where is that border between one state and ‘the becoming’ of another?

    Perhaps the first step is to take on the mndset of “yes, I accept” , and THEN, try to find the true self, the inner consciousness where, with enough patience the ‘wee small voice’ will be heard as a guide to lead us on. Only through that inner self can we realise our conection to the spirit which permeates all. Then we are connected to, not just our own creative selves, but pure, universal creativity. Then ‘the beginning’ just ‘happens’ :)

    Lovely post Allison, your ideas, that just seem to flow and flow as original thought, are always an inspiration :)

    Much love



    1. Allison Marie Post author

      Hello, hello my friend,

      Thank you for your gorgeous comment and bright insights. Love them, every single one!

      People can absolutely be creative in every walk of life – 100% yes. If we can just get to that inner place of surrender and say yes to love, in whatever way she appears, we’re aligned with our true selves. And in our letting go of our own small, limited expectations, she can reveal herself to us in magnificent ways!

      So many ways our culture stifles our creativity, our originality, our unique and brilliant light. I hope this little post has helped folks in some small way to turn back into themselves and see how freaking gorgeous and beautiful they are.

      Thank you so much, my incredibly gentle, creative, talented and beautiful friend. Every time I read your comments and your blog, I totally feel your spirit and warmth.

      Bless you, love. Always. ;)



  7. Carol Blake Sessums

    Have I told you lately how amazing you are?! Well, girl, you are AMAZING!!!! I become so revved up when I read one of your posts. You are so inspiring, so motivating, so filled with passion and I love it! You’re so good for us! Thank you for revving me up!

    Don’t you just love Mr. Pressfield?

    Oh, when inspiration strikes in the car and you can’t write, keep a handheld recorder within reach. I know I can use my smartphone as it has a recording feature, but I’m a bit old school. I keep a handheld audio mini-cassette recorder in my purse ready to hit record and it eagerly accepts my word vomit. Works great! Then, I can get home and type it all out, or just whenever I have time. It would probably be smarter to have a digital but this has worked well for me for years.

    Love you, sister! You keep rocking on with yo bad self! Never forget how awesome you are! xoxo

    1. Allison Marie Post author

      Beautiful, wickedly incredible Carol B –

      I am so freaking thrilled every time you pop by – thank you so much for your spirit and light, my friend! Your verve literally sizzles through the screen I kid you not. Love it. YOU are a STAR in my sky!! XO

      Mr. Pressfield is the everything. The. Everything. The War of Art has saved me from myself about a million and a half times since I began writing. He is an angel. Love him. I carry that damn book everywhere.

      I LOVE the recorder idea! Holy – seriously, I always forget about it. I am so hooked on pen to paper but the recorder would save me tons of panic (and perhaps more importantly, a car accident. . . ) I will totally put your idea to use from now on. I love the fact that you have an old school cassette recorder – you are LEGIT, girl. Stick with what feels good that’s all that matters. We just have to get those slippery words down, ya feel me?? ;)

      I know you so get me. And I freaking love you for it. We so bad. lol

      Thank you for lighting me up from the inside out – I am so grateful and inspired by your awesomeness, you can know that deep in your bones, baby.

      Big Huge Love Your Way XOXO

  8. Cathy

    Beautiful as always – thank you for sticking your hand in and throwing what you find back our way. It is the mindset that is the first step and it’s both precious and brave. I am learning every day to trust the process even when it takes me to a different place than I expected. I’m slushing off my expectations so I go even more boldly into the process & unknown.

    Thanks for sharing your inspiration – it helps me a lot! Love to you!

    1. Allison Marie Post author

      Beautiful, fabulous Cathy,

      Hello! Hello! My creative friend, I am so happy to ‘see’ you and hear form you. Thank you so much for reading and for leaving such an awesome comment. You have one of those energies that seeps right on through the screen – thank you for it!

      I love that you say this: “and throwing what you find back our way.” haha that is so PERFECT! That is fabulous. I love playing ‘catch’ with you brilliant creative minds.

      Isn’t it just incredible the wild twists the process can take us on. It is exactly as you say, a ‘slushing off’ of expectations. I love your bravery and your curiosity and your spirit of exploration! Can’t wait to see how that shows up for you artistically (and who knows how else – creativity can be just about everywhere, yeah?)

      Onward, my love! ;) ;)

      Super big hugs and love your way!

  9. Dan

    “All we need to get to is that willingness to create, to open up, to think differently about a work, a problem, a piece. To trust in the unknown – to let go of trying to control the outcome and just enjoy the mystery for what it is.”

    Another great piece of work by Allison. I resonate with this part !!! I think this is the hardest part ! realizing when one is trying to influence the now.
    Congrats and Thanks for sharing your thoughts !!

    1. Allison Marie Post author

      I love that this resonated for you, gorgeous Dan!

      Thank you so much for reading and for sharing your awesome comment. I can’t even tell you how very much it means to me to know you understand. I totally agree with you – one of the hardest parts is to let go and let flow . . . but oh how beautiful it is when we can get to that sweet surrender. ;)

      Creativity is such a deep part of who we are. I am blessed to share with someone as bright as you!

      Peace, love and light, always, always,


  10. Mike

    Ha! I’m not the only one who does that in the middle of the night :) Although it’s been a while since I’ve jotted down my sudden thoughts, I did keep a notebook and sketchpad beside my bed for the longest time. I used to write down my dreams and other ideas that suddenly popped in my head. Perhaps I’ll start doing it again :)

    I really love this part, Allison: “The real beginning is a mindset. It’s a change of mind from one that says “Maybe tomorrow.” or “Not right now.” to a mind that says “Yes. I accept.” So true. Recently, I’ve been trying this with the new photo series I’m attempting. Cannot keep saying “wait until next time”. Just get out there and do! Creativity cannot wait and should not be held back by second guessing and uncertainty!

    As always, a fantastic piece of writing and something that can be visited more than once, when a little encouragement is required :)

    Hugs to you!

    1. Allison Marie Post author

      Get out – you are a night writer, too, Mike?? TOTALLY start doing it again! In fact, I have found that sketch pads are quite brilliant indeed because there is no need to write inside the lines. ;) Freedom! I wonder what you may come up with . . . hhmm . . .

      I love – LOVE – that you launched the new series by essentially ‘ripping off the bandaid’ – that is exactly how starting sometimes feels for me, too. I get overwhelmed with what’s inside and I just have to go, go, go. It’s like jumping, leaping, flying, soaring . . . just jump. Go first, yeah?

      Thank you, thank you so much for reading and taking the time to offer your beautiful thoughts and words. I beg your forgiveness for my delayed reply, my dear friend. This week has been pummeling me in ways I didn’t see coming. Such a blessing, though, to have you around to virtual hug at the end of the crazy day!

      I will be over to MikePratt just as quick as I can shuffle, man.

      Big love and light your way, always, always.

  11. Jackie

    “Very good and sexy and brazen indeed’ would be a great motto for life. What more could a girl want?

    I agree wholeheartedly. The value of a beginning, the launching oneself into the unknown, or maybe slightly known and therefore even more feared, is something that we need to step forward and claim. Heavenly voice: “This is you mission if you choose to accept it.” Us: “I accept.”
    We should probably do this on a daily basis to live truly fulfilled lives. Henceforth, Allison, I accept!
    Thanks for your unique thoughts as always.

    1. Allison Marie Post author

      Gorgeous, Sexy, Brazen Jackie M,

      Thank you so much, as always, for your beautiful words and thoughts and SPIRIT! ;) Every time I see your face I totally light up inside. You have a Way, my dear.

      Haha, I hear the mission impossible music right now in my mind – makes this whole thing seem stealth and sexy, indeed. I love! Hugs for you!

      I hope your Sunday is everything sumptuous and warm, my good friend.

      Stay absolutely brilliant,



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