{Video} Bedtime Ritual: Falling Asleep in the Arms of the Universe

Last time we were together we talked about daily rituals and how they help to nestle us into our days. As fate – and the damn fine Universe – would have it, I recently came across a beautiful bedtime ritual that I now refuse to do without.

This simple, mindful ritual is a gorgeous way to surrender to divine guidance each night before my (sometimes wild and exhausted) head hits the pillow. This practice has totally transformed my energy and opened me up to receiving the loving messages the Universe has in store.

I am hopeful it will do the very same for you.

Check out my first video blog and let me know if this hits home for you:


Is it tough for you to wind down at night? Is it helpful for you to have a special practice or prayer to center you into peace?

Until now I can honestly say that I didn’t fully appreciate the incredible difference a nighttime surrender practice could make in my spiritual life. By letting go at night, I wake up much more positive, energized and inspired in the morning.

Let’s riff in the comments. I learn so much when I hear from you and I’m always, always deeply grateful for it.

So much love to you, beautiful, beautiful souls.

Thank you for your presence and light,

Allison Marie Xx

~ ~ ~

P.S. As promised, here is the link to Jordan’s prayer mentioned in the video.

29 thoughts on “{Video} Bedtime Ritual: Falling Asleep in the Arms of the Universe

  1. Darshith

    This is different and awesome :) Surrendering has always been close to all. We surrender our secrets to some. Similarly, very few are able to surrender to Universe and let the Universe guide them and let them take to their destinations. I loved the prayer of Jordan. Mine is yet OM NAMAH SHIVAY ;) Thanks Allison for this great post. Love & Hugs <3

    1. Allison Marie Post author

      Gorgeous Darshith,

      Thank you so much for checking out this video! It is so comforting to know you are out there and that we can connect in a new way.

      I thought of you today because it’s Monday . . . and we promised to keep Mondays sacred, didn’t we. Love that! And I agree with you, it is tough to trust and surrender along our spiritual path – even though that is the way we will truly know our highest expression and joy.

      So glad you liked the prayer – Jordan is stellar.

      I love that you are here, I love your spirit and I’m so, so grateful for your light. :)


      It is always my great pleasure to serve your highest.

      Biggest love and warmest hugs to you (and sweet dreams!),


      1. Darshith

        Yes, sacred Mondays :) This thing makes the monday bearable :D Monday blues are always there to pull us to bed of bad feelings. But these prayers and help from spiritual friends make life better :) You’re one of them Allison <3 Let's keep shining :)

        1. Allison Marie Post author

          Spirit friends. I like that very much. :)

          Your light is my light.

          I think you are right – Mondays are a great day to bring a major dose of the Love stuff. Let’s do that.

          Have a great day, gorgeous soul.

  2. Ranting Crow

    A part of me stirs up and would like to have the first part of my name unleashed.

    I am taking another approach. In order to surrender, one needs not have any regrets of prior choices. In that lies our difficulty. The prayer was lovely, though I can’t except it.
    personally I can only find peace if I am in peace with myself and my previous choices.
    Just a different approach in trying to understand life.

    I will leave you with this thought.

    “Life needs no path to live.”

    I do not mind to explaining it sometime.

    May the breath bring peace.
    Ranting Crow

    1. Allison Marie Post author

      Good morning, dear Ranting,

      Thank you for taking the time to listen in and to leave such a thought provoking comment. That means a good deal to me. Although we have perhaps a different understanding or approach, as you say, I am so grateful to hear what you share.

      I am wondering if any way of finding peace – however one chooses to get to it, or finds it – is a surrendering of sorts. We each find our own ways of making peace with ourselves, our past, our present, etc, by finding it within ourselves to let go of the pain, regret, frustration, what-have-you. Maybe a way of saying it is ‘releasing.’

      Your words are intriguing: Life needs no path to live. Could it be that no path is itself . . . a path? I would love to hear more if you have time to share. :)

      May the breath bring peace. I love this. Thank you for your presence here, and thank you for your light.

      Peace, always,


      P.S. Thank you for not “unleashing” – – I really do welcome your thoughts and am truly glad to have them, whatever they may be. Blessings, friend.

      1. Ranting Crow

        Dearest Allison. I am happy to hear I was able to provoke a thought.

        “life needs no path to live” Or “Life does not need a path to live” I also made it the thought of the day, today.
        On my post I said the following.

        Being in an open field the dangers might be hidden under the grass. In a forest we do not know what us behind a tree. Life isn’t a path we walk on it is something bigger we might not comprehend. Don’t walk the set path but be free to live life.

        The path is to straight forward and creates a narrow mind. Life is not a path same as your universe has no path. It just lives. A path also suggests and this is what I meant to say on the post, a path is set and clear of dangers. While we learn while living. Tying one failure to another and keep moving on.

        No need to know where to put my feet or what to choose. So without regret walk and live without direction and be amazed by what we find behind that tree or under the grass.

        Or so I think life is meant. Hope it made some sense as life keeps impressing me when ever I divert my eyes and heart.

        May a breath bring peace.
        The Ranting Crow

  3. Erika

    Allison, that was wonderful! The prayer is amazing. I myself had a huge personal experience in surrendering to the Universe just about 8 weeks ago. I “let go and let God” consciously. And by a magic hand all my clinging to something simply dissolved.
    But what I loved most about your video was your sunny, beautiful, shining, and love spreading being. You are not only beautiful in your appearance, you also spread so much light. It is amazing. It definitely has an even greater effect to see you speaking and transmitting your message. Thank you very much, Allison and please keep it up!!!

    1. Allison Marie Post author

      Beautiful, elegant, gorgeous Erika,
      I cannot thank you enough for your words and spirit and LIGHT! You and the work you do inspire me so greatly and hearing from you today has truly set my heart beaming. SO much love for you!
      You brought tears to my eyes, dear friend. I am so grateful for your words and thoughts. I am tucking them in close and holding them snug. It means more than I could ever say to have your encouragement.
      Bless you – bless you endless. I LOVE that you had a personal surrender experience and the way you say it is like magic itself: “And by a magic hand all my clinging . . . dissolved.” I totally feel you, soul sister!! That ROCKS. Thank you for sharing that you understand and that this resonates. It makes me so damn happy to know it.
      SO much love and light to you! Let us do keep spreading the light. It is so important.
      Peace, always,
      Allison XOXO

  4. athling2001

    Beautiful prayer. It is hard to wind down at night especially when when the night is so calm and quiet and peaceful. I find I don’t want to let go of that peacefulness and instead try to cling to ever second.

    1. Allison Marie Post author

      Hello, hello my friend,
      I thought this prayer was beautiful, too. I’m so glad you enjoyed it. :)
      There is a peacefulness that comes as we settle in, on a night when our minds can sometimes be racing it can help to have a ritual or special centering way of keeping calm and quiet.
      Thank you so much for watching and for sharing your thoughts here. I am always, always so grateful for your light.
      Peace and love,

  5. Brad

    Hi Sweet one!

    Beautiful prayer and video. So nice to see, hear and feel your shining self. :) I love listening to spoken prayers and meditations, (when I resonate with their voice & energy). I definitely could use more practice at surrendering! Thanks Allison! :)

    1. Allison Marie Post author

      Hello, hello Gorgeous Brad V,
      I know you know this but I’ll say it anyway – I LOVE when you share your presence and light in this space. You have so much warmth and soul about you, my love. Thank you for being you. :)
      I am thrilled that you like to listen to prayers and meditations! I’m the same way. And once my voice completely corrects itself I will be able to (finally) get back to working on my meditation album. It is my favorite thing to work with the words and voice of Love.
      We are in this together, my talented friend. I cannot even express in words how much your encouragement and friendship means to me.
      Here’s to spreading the good stuff!
      Biggest love and warmest hugs to you, guy,

  6. thetovaryshconnection

    This is a beautiful prayer that you shared and a comforting way to end your day. Imagining yourself wrapped in loving support by your unseen guides. I agree that it is wonderful to have a bedtime ritual whether it be to give gratitude for your day and all that you have or to bless all those around you and the world or to ask for guidance on a question, for a peaceful sleep or to surrender to the workings of the Universe and our higher selves. We as humans thrive on rituals. They comfort us in a world that can be challenging at best. Many blessings to you for sharing your radiant light with the world.

    1. Allison Marie Post author

      Thank you so very much, my friend, for watching and for taking the time and care to leave such a gorgeous comment. This means so much to me. I am truly, deeply glad to know this video blog resonates for you. :)

      I LOVE what you say, “imagining yourself wrapped in loving support by your unseen guides.” That is absolutely the most beautiful way to say it. Thank you for this elegant expression of exactly the way it feels.

      There are so many rituals available to us and for us to create and try. I fully agree with you, too – they are a much needed comfort in these challenging times.

      Thank you so much for your kindness, spirit and light. Your peaceful energy vibrates right off the page.

      Peace and love, always,


  7. Rajagopal

    Thanks, dear beautiful, for the opportunity to have you whispering so soothingly into my ears. Retiring to bed is an act of surrendering, of handing oneself over to cosmic power in a mode of submission, of shutting down our sentient being, and sliding into a dormant, painless dream, to wake up at crack of dawn, refreshed and energised, to navigate through intricacies of the bigger world of illusions…best wishes…xx.

    1. Allison Marie Post author

      Dearest Raj,

      You make me smile warmly with your words. Thank you so much for being here, dear one. I love what you say about “shutting down our sentient being” – as always, your expression is perfect.

      Speaking of the dawn . . . I believe as I prepare for sleep, you are now near waking, isn’t that right?

      Blessings and so much peace to you, my gorgeous friend. And I thank you so for your light. xx

  8. Noelle

    Beautiful video. I will definitely give this a read for the next few nights to see how it fits into my evening prayers. I do have a practice of gratitude each night and this feels like it might fit in beautifully.

    1. Allison Marie Post author

      Dearest Noelle,

      Thank you so much for taking the time to watch, I appreciate it so very much. I hope this prayer will serve you some peace and inspiration as you lay down to sleep. :)

      I also love closing out the day with heaps of gratitude. You are a beauty!

      Peace and light,


    1. Allison Marie Post author

      Dearest Eddie,
      Your words and thoughts mean so very much to me, thank you my friend. Thank you for your presence and light in this place.

      Blessings and peace, always,


  9. Fashion Assist

    Dear Allison,
    Congratulations on your first video blog—lovely and I so enjoyed it!

    Aww sleep…it’s such a wonderful thing and without it we fall apart, damage our health, lose energy and become less productive. And it’s also a very interesting thing because we cannot make ourselves sleep. We cannot “force” our bodies to sleep. And so I definitely agree with you, it’s an act of surrender…a declaration of trust.

    The poem is very beautiful! For me, personally, it’s truly a declaration of trust. Reminding me that I am not God (who never sleeps), which is such great news, nor am I in total control.

    We cannot make (or merely will) ourselves to sleep but we can create the conditions necessary for sleep and I can see how this beautiful poem does just that. Like all spiritual formation, sleep is a combination of our action and God’s (Universe’s) action. Thank you for this much needed reminder.

    Another wonderful post! Thank you so much lovely Allison~

    1. Allison Marie Post author

      Hello, hello my beautiful friend,

      I am THRILLED to see you here! It’s amazing because I was literally just thinking of you the other day and wondering how you were.

      Every time you visit, you light me up inside. :)

      I absolutely adore your comment – everything you say and the way you say it is gorgeous. I am deeply touched to know that this video resonated for you. If you ever have time to check out Jordan’s website – he’s a charmer, for sure.

      “Like all spiritual formation, sleep is a combination of our action and God’s (Universe’s) action.” – my love, you are an absolute beauty. I love, love, love this line of yours. Holding it tight tonight. :)

      Bless you, angel. Your light is my light.


  10. dilip

    Beautiful words from you Allison I watched the video till the end. Thank you for this recipe to help in getting sound sleep. My way of drifting to sleep is by slow soft breathing while keeping my mind on my breath.

    Kind regards.


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