The Simple Secret to Killer Creative Confidence


There’s something you’re dying to try but people like you don’t do stuff like that.

You’d love to explore a sensual, strange side of yourself but it’s been mysteriously roped off. (For your safety and the safety of the other patrons, you are asked to stay behind the partition.)

You want to touch something that’s just out of reach but, my god, you swear you can taste it.

You can’t see it, though, because it’s plastered in signs that push you away: DO NOT TOUCH.

It’s forbidden because of who you believe you are.

It’s forbidden because of who you think they think you are.

It’s off-limits to you, this phantom limb of another side of your insides, because somewhere along the way you decided to close the door and swallow the key. For fear of judgment.  For fear of being seen. For fear of standing out on your own. For fear others might fear you. (So there’s a lot of nonsense fear going on, you feel me.)

We need you to open that door. The one that leads to a broader view of your creative, soulful existence. The one that you think you need to bar closed to make sure the world doesn’t get in and mess with you.

Remember that key you swallowed earlier (hard to forget swallowing a key, one might imagine)? It’s the secret to unlocking your creative confidence. And it’s so simple, so seemingly quiet on the outside, that the world may never know that for you it’s like a lion’s roar on the inside.

The key, the trick, the secret is:  Do Something Weird.

Do something that doesn’t fit. Do something (write something, sing something, paint something, chant something, share something) that jacks up your brain screaming, “No, no, no! This is not how you are supposed to do the things you are supposed to do!”

If it’s something your soul wants to explore and create, your brain will have to calm down. This is about confidence in your ability to be true to yourself. You could have wild success by numbers but if it’s all come from denying the most unusual parts of yourself, what good is any of it?

We box ourselves in because we have built imaginary walls to keep us from imaginary things.

The way out of that is to break the mold and do something raw, something different, something on a whole next level. Do something that risks the very rejection you fear will come if you are true to yourself. This is not about acceptance by them; it’s about acceptance by you.

Your weird is your gift. It’s the unique part of you that is completely your own. If you deny it for the sake of stats or likes or public approval:  you lose.

Your weird is your beauty.

“There is no exquisite beauty . . . without some strangeness in the proportion.”

Edgar Allen Poe

Sometimes when I follow a poem wherever it wants to go, it surprises and satisfies me.

Sometimes it derails and trails off and disappoints me.

Sometimes it excites me. Sometimes it just feels so good to write something so damn odd.


// centerfold // by me

When you do open the door to the weird, to the stuff that isn’t what everybody else is doing, you aren’t looking to be “right” you are looking to learn your capacity to grow and expand into a richer, grittier part of yourself.  I guarantee you have more racy goodness inside you than you have yet uncovered. So come, love, let’s get about that, shall we?

We hold ourselves back because we think we’ve created such a current moving in one direction that we ought to just keep going. But that’s coasting. That’s not going to build confidence, it’s going to erode it.

Stop settling. Stop coasting.

Do something weird. Do something that sounds like a blast and a joy and a thrill for you.

For a long time I held things back, I thought I had to stay inside the lines (creatively and spiritually) so that things wouldn’t get uncomfortable for me or for the people around me.

As though only certain kinds of people, of art, of ideas, of worldviews belonged.


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Why should you do something odd? Because odd is the difference between living a life and living YOUR life.

You could write the way everyone else is writing. You could chew your nails and worry that if you reveal something offbeat about yourself that you’ll be somehow rejected or punished or (heaven forbid) un-followed.

But playing conservative doesn’t keep others close it keeps you dreadfully far away. From you.

Forget that.

Create something that swells from the cells of your marrow and fulfills you rather than what’s generic.

What everyone else is doing is boring because it’s what everyone else is doing.  Don’t use that as an excuse to blend in.

You are not here to play by everyone else’s rules.

You are too delicious, too evocative, too clever.


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A richly creative and wholly spiritual life is about opening and opening and opening; learning and learning and learning. It’s about expanding and expanding and expanding outward without end into everything that you are.

Developing creative confidence is about sticking by yourself, trusting your intuition, and letting your curiosity be your guide. It takes guts to stand by your whole self.

There’s something you’re dying to try but people like you don’t do stuff like that.

Bullshit. There are no people just like you.

Stop trying to fit in for them.


~ ~ ~ ~

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20 thoughts on “The Simple Secret to Killer Creative Confidence

  1. Amedeo Modigliani

    I agree completely and would encourage others to embrace and explore those areas that they feel deeply but have suppressed for far too long.

  2. Jackie

    This is really wonderful– and something I think about a lot. This line in particular in extremely powerful: “We box ourselves in because we have built imaginary walls to keep us from imaginary things.”

    1. Allison Marie Post author

      Thank you so much, Jackie, for reading and engaging. I’m so glad it resonates with you. I think it’s important for us all to know that we aren’t alone in wanting to express what is unique about ourselves. Kind of ironic! ;) Cheers to the unusual.

  3. Samira

    Love this post SO much 😘 Your weird is your gift. BAM! Your weird is your beauty! I love everything weird fucking beautifully creative thing about this gorgeously written post!!

      1. Allison Marie Post author

        Thank you so much, beautiful Jade. I am thrilled to pieces that this one resonated for you. Wishing you every weird and clever thing on your journey, friend. ;)

        Peace to you,

        Allison Marie x

  4. Brad

    Awesome post Allison! I love your poem and how uniquely and honestly you allow inner to express. Thanks for being a great role model. I hold back far too often. Maybe I’ll let my wacky self out to play with you and the world…. XD to wacky, weird, wild heart dancing!

    1. Allison Marie Post author

      Heyyyy thanks, Brad! I can’t tell you how cool it is to read your comment and to feel your gorgeous vibe. Your words touch me deeply because I know it’s tough to be yourself in a tremendously judgmental world. But this is your life – you do it how you want, baby. Make it sexy, make it good. Sending you a super huge hug and so much strange love! XOXO

  5. Ro

    good reading. I read the article this morning and you slapped my face with your words.
    Now I have a question …What is the world?

    1. Allison Marie Post author

      Thanks so much for reading, Ro! I’m glad you liked this and I’m very intrigued by your question. I’m not sure quite what you are asking, though. Could you elaborate just so I can get a handle on where you’re coming from? :)

  6. Anonymous

    I love this, you need to be true to yourself and do as you wish. I have written something similar as well Thank you for reading.

    1. Allison Marie Post author

      Hello, hello Jeni, It was my absolute pleasure to visit your beautiful nest! You and I sound like very kindred spirits – I’m so grateful to have crossed paths. Wishing you every strange and beautiful thing along your way, dear one. :) Love and light always, Allison x


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