// silence //


your silence lives inside me
snakes around the tender parts
that hurt and beg,
that would crawl a thousand miles on holy water to
drown you underneath.
while i’m busy with carving sandcastles, hiding
from the sun and servicing the afternoon,
your silence pours hot ocean waves over my chest,
lights a cigarette and
spends the night.
it wets the cunning valleys of my body down
in streams, courses through my veins
as i imagine your
my knees on the pavement, i’m praying for you
to remember my
your silence watches me
tongues the carnal wreckage of my darkness
licks the burning pages, tears and
discards them.
undone by beautiful delusion,
i know what this looks like
and what it does to you.
a single butterfly moves its wings
inside a shot glass
between my teeth
on the other side
of the world.
my perversion of you is handfuls of
machine fingers measuring my neck
dressing and undressing me in animal skin
shed by the gods who walked a dying earth
i press my limbs against dreams with rose petals for
gasping at the gasoline air you would feed me
but draw instead back in.
your silence it lives
inside me;
striking match after
match as
it speaks.



4 thoughts on “// silence //

  1. Pierre

    There’s a curious Sufi image where water and fire are seen to be united. I wonder if this alchemical elixir, this hidden pool is not the place of transformation that holds the secret of youth with its unbound and eternal energy. Eros and the world’s sexual energy live there. Your poem with its intense carnal overtones streaming white pure from the heart (the heart of silence) “reminded” me of this image. It struck, me as if with a match.

    Silence expands our hearts, curiously and simultaneously leading us deeper to that ineffable inwardness. To surrender to silence is to discover the source before and inside of which we are submitted, living in a state of submission. Water, fire, the mingled limbs of lovers, the struck matches of infinite desire all flow from that source. Ah, to tap into that…as you do…

    A pleasure reading your poem on a Saturday morning as outside the summer breezes comb the green hair of the trees.

    1. Allison Marie Post author

      Pierre, what can I possibly say aside from your comment, thoughts and spirit read like pure poetry. I thank you so deeply and much for the time you take to share, it is an opening and an offering.

      I especially love what you say about the unity of fire and water. I am a fire sign and have always taken particular affection to water, dark rainy days, etc. I was once told this is the way my energy balances itself. But even deeper than balance, I adore what you say about the place of unity, that duality is ultimately an illusion, there is a place beyond all else where a deeper energy lives, a “hidden pool” . . . this resonates so deeply with me.

      Silence as a state of submission, yes yes.

      A pleasure wide and deep to know this poem found you on a beautiful summer morning. Much love and blessings eternal your way.


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