Ripping Up Floorboards: My Lover’s Manifesto & A Delicious Announcement


I knew it was time even before I read the words.

I knew it wordlessly in the marked stillness.

“Today is a day of silence and of trust.”

I knew it was time in the way time stopped and reality sucked the air from me . . . and I willingly gave it up.

“You have come far enough along the way to alter time sufficiently to rise above its laws, and walk into eternity a while. From this day forth, your ministry takes on a genuine devotion and a glow that travels from your fingertips to those you touch, and blesses those you look upon.”

I knew it when I launched this sanctuary called Glory Begin that something much grander was at work here.

“A vision reaches everyone you meet, and everyone you think of, or who thinks of you. For your experience today will so transform your mind that it becomes the touchstone for the holy Thoughts of God.”

People talk about changing the world but I want to do it.

We can change it, one peaceful mind at a time, but only if we decide it’s time.

We have been made flesh in order to become love manifest. Right here, right now.

I knew it was time I fully committed to being love in the real world when I realized the work I am doing here in this place is the work I was designed to do. This is my life’s work. I am committed to learning love and teaching it.

My deepest burning desire is to tear open the windows and rip up the floorboards and crash through the ceiling tiles for Love in every way I can to let the light shine through.

I knew a commitment to something so against the insane grain of the world we live in would be disruptive in the ways it would need to be. I knew to keep my faith fierce would mean I’d have to be sharp as blades about my truth. I’d have to make the work of love my personal work. 24/7. 365.

The message in quotes above comes from the text of A Course In Miracles, of which I am a dedicated student and a teacher. I read those words and read them, and read them again. I read them out loud.

Heart slamming, I read them until I could feel them slide across my teeth.

Until I could taste them.

Until they became food.

Because I knew it was time before I read that it was time. It’s time to get razor focused and clear as crystal about who I am, what I believe, and what I’m here to do.

It’s time to get louder.

If you are not familiar, ACIM is a powerful metaphysical text; a living, breathing learner’s manual and teaching device focused on the practical application of universal spiritual themes. It emphasizes that all spiritual texts and teachings of the world lead to love in the end and that this is only one form among many for finding our way back to the Truth.

This jives for me.

It resonates deep inside the spaces of my being that have always known that our true divine nature extends far beyond any words or rituals. That we are all religion and no religion and beyond religion. The truth of who we are cannot ever be fully explained or completely taught, it can only be remembered, shown, experienced and envisioned.

I’m not concerned with labels. I just want to get about the work of love. I want to make it tangible and edible and real. I want to pour it forward for you to feel in your bones.

Beyond your bones.

I want to offer a vision of love that fortifies us and lifts us to our highest vibration.

I have seen the Eternal Peace, you guys. I know what it feels like to fully channel the energy of the Divine. I know what it means to align my mind with the Mind of Love and to make choices and movements from that holy space.

I’ll admit to you, some parts of me had been afraid to say all of these things out loud with confidence and grace. Some parts wanted me to keep quiet for fear of rejection, judgment and all kinds of wicked imagined madness.

Those parts have been (loving) told to stand down.

Because the world doesn’t need more fear, it needs more healing. You and I don’t need more stuff or more confusion or more stress or more guilt or more pain.

We need more peace. We need more forgiveness, alignment, compassion and healing. We need to get more deeply in touch with our inner power to bring about actual, living change in our selves and in our world.

We don’t need these things later or someday or hopefully when the time is right.

We need them now.

Which brings me to a very exciting and delicious announcement. :)

One that lights me up from my very core and I know will extend the same bright light for you.

I’m not going to be as quiet anymore about Love. I’m going to open my mouth and my hands and my soul, in love, for you. For us.

To do this in a very real and tangible way, I am blending all of the most powerful, uplifting, and exquisitely beautiful spiritually-charged messages that I receive and learn into guided meditations which I will be releasing as an album.

Very. Soon. :)

These meditations are a little bit different from what you may expect.  This is a collection specifically focused on who we are at our strongest and most powerful. The words and sounds will summon our inner wisdom and teach us to trust more fully in our intuition.

I cannot wait to share this with you. :)

This is love for the fierce and the committed. If you want to be the very first to receive updates on the upcoming release and to get an exclusive taste of the meditations free, sign up to my email list at the top of this page.

Something beautiful our way comes, angels.

The waiting to get loud in Love is over.

Now it’s time to glow.

31 thoughts on “Ripping Up Floorboards: My Lover’s Manifesto & A Delicious Announcement

    1. Allison Marie Post author

      SO MUCH love your way, gorgeous Val. You are such an inspiration to me and your words mean very much indeed.

      Wishing you peace and light, always, always,

      Allison XOXO

  1. Brad

    Congrats Allison!
    I admire you stepping into your knowing and glory! :) I too have tasted that eternal peace, but not found my path in the world. I look forward to sharing the journey with you. to more love and glory in the world. :)

    1. Allison Marie Post author

      Brad, you gorgeous beast,
      Thank you, thank you so. Thank you for your presence here and the light you clearly shine for all who know you.
      Let’s make it GOOD. ;)
      To more love and light, always,

    1. Allison Marie Post author

      Gorgeous Erika,

      Thank you so, my dear friend. You are an inspiration to me more than you know.

      Blessings, love and big huge light your way, always. :) XO

  2. Noelle Vignola

    I’m printing this out to read over and over again. You are a hot knife through my brain. I am excited, agitated, terrified, overwhelmed, in love, crazy and joyful reading this. If that ain’t somethin’… Well then I don’t know what somethin’ is….

    A thousand blessings on your road. May it rise to meet your feet as the lover it has always been.

    1. Allison Marie Post author

      Beautiful, beautiful Noelle,
      Your words ring electric through my veins. I can’t tell you how much it means to me to have your spirit here – your exquisite, excited, agitated, terrified, overwhelmed, in love, crazy, joyful GORGEOUS ENERGY. I totally feel you.
      It is palpable, dear one. It changes molecules. Let’s stay in this energy and come back to it endlessly. I’ll do everything I know how to keep us centered.
      Thank you for your light, angel friend. We need your beautiful light.
      So much love and gratitude to you, always.

      1. Noelle Vignola

        Over the past several weeks I have been working through old feelings. Not so much directly to an incident, but more trying to free the weird mojo I’ve held in my muscles, liver, thyroid, heart. Stuff stored away for decades, because at the time there was nothing you could do about it. And when I say, ‘at the time’ I could mean last year. We resolve, work through and evolve in any given moment with the tools we have on hand. As we grow, more awareness becomes available and whole new layers of healing are possible. So it has been my focus to really dig in and grieve, rage, stomp my feet, speak my fears to the winds and let it go. All wonderful teachers to be honored and released.

        This morning I got up and found the morning full of curious moments. The wind was speaking back to me through many avenues. I sat down and pulled up your piece and truly it was like listening to an earthquake crack the earth. I’m still buzzing.

        Part of me fears to say, yes, I am with you. My heart and mouth are open. Let’s go. Yet the work I have been doing over the past couple of months are about releasing the blocks to being so bold, so grand, so deliciously in love. So truly, thank you. You cannot know how valuable this post is to me.

        1. Allison Marie Post author

          The weird mojo – I love how you speak about your experience – it is so perfectly spot on. And I resonate with what you say fully: our awareness does indeed evolve given the tools that come our way. And the layers begin to heal deeper and deeper as we become willing to release old past resentments and pain.

          I am so humbled to hear your story, Noelle. I love your words and your energy. To know that this piece had a place in your curious, earthquaked morning is a great joy for me and it also heartens me more than I could express to know that this work validates your experience.

          We are all connected. This I do truly believe. If you are interested (and if you are not I completely understand) I post daily inspirations and messages on Facebook!/allison.marie.948494 and Instagram @glorybegin.

          Sometimes we just need that one little quick reminder throughout the day to keep us on our spiritual game.

          Now I’m buzzing, too. :)

          1. Noelle

            I’m not an instagram person but will definitely check out your FB page. Thanks for letting me know. _/I\_

  3. Liesl

    Allison, Love! This is fantastic. I treasure you, and each of your words and thoughts that come my way. I am excited for you.

    Just this week, I got a taste, a tiny nibble of a thought, of an idea, of an outline, of a story, of a book – the characters are starting to form, the road is meandering and long, but my toes have touched the path, and the ache to continue is strong!!

    Much joy in your journeys, Dear One!

    Many shouts and hoopla dance steps and yawps across rooftops for you, Loud Love!!

    1. Allison Marie Post author

      My beautiful badass soul-sister-angel-friend,

      I swear your energy *sparks* through me when I hear from you! I treasure your spirit, love.

      I am wicked excited for you, too. A taste of a nibble of something delicious your way comes I have NO doubt. Enjoy every step along the road of your book . . . let it be long and winding as it needs to be, right. That’s the only way, don’t you think? Just surrender to the energy of the gorgeous thing. Mercy, that is a good feeling.

      To joy, my sweet, sweet love, and hoopla and dancing and yawps across rooftops for US. Did I mention I LOVE the way you say things??

      Supremem sized love and light your way. I’m so damn grateful for you, Liesl. :)

  4. Donna Cameron

    Lovely, Alison! And exciting news conveyed with your usual elegance and passion. For some reason, your posts frequently remind me of favorite quotes. Here’s one you ignited today: “I have always known that I would take this road, but yesterday I did not know it would be today.” (Narihara)

    1. Allison Marie Post author

      Hello, hello beautiful Donna,

      I love hearing from you. Your energy is so bright and warm – I’m so grateful for your presence here. And I TOTALLY love that you think of these awesome quotes when you drop in – it is an inspiring kiss of freshness. This quote is so spot on that it literally made my heart skip.

      “but yesterday I did not know it would be today.” I just love it. It speaks to me and how I’ve truly felt led through this whole unfolding. I wasn’t calling these shots, I was following.

      Sending so many blessings and big huge love and light your way, dear friend.

      Always, always. :)


  5. FlorenceT

    Hi Allison,
    It is beautiful to see, feel another stepping into their own power, to tread fearlessly into an unfolding future.
    Looking forward to the big reveal… :-)
    Best wishes,

    1. Allison Marie Post author

      Dearest Florence,
      It totally lights me up to have your words and your gorgeous spirit that burns behind them.
      An unfolding future. That sounds divine, my sweet friend.
      And I can’t wait to share this with you. Thank you for your energy. :)
      Peace, always,

  6. Rajagopal

    In love, all things are possible, Allison. Thanks for expressing it in so many refreshing nuances, as only you can. Just play on pied piperess, I am part of your charmed journey…

    1. Allison Marie Post author

      Beloved Raj,
      Your words are so absolutely awesome. I completely revel in them when I hear from you – thank you so, dear one, for your loving spirit. You lift me up and humble me at once.
      I am charmed indeed, to have you here with me. Bless you, friend. All things are surely possible and guaranteed in love.
      Sending peace and light your way, always,

  7. Jackie

    Something beautiful this way comes indeed! Oh, and you are so ready for it.
    What an exciting announcement!
    It’s a wonderful idea. Your dulcet tones and love-filled message, to carry around and keep?
    Bring it!

    1. Allison Marie Post author


      One day I swear I will figure out how to crash through this screen and hug people into a million pieces. On that day I’m coming straight for you, beautiful Jackie M!!

      Just LOVE your words, your energy and your sparks. You are a damn *sparkler* and I’m so grateful to have you here with me.
      I dig that you say “ready.” That word keeps appearing for me. It fits like a glove. I do feel all kinds of LET’S DO THIS.
      Friend, wait until you hear some of the story about this album, the words, the music. It’s insane. It’s so good. It’s beyond.
      I promise to do you proud. XOXO

  8. Meg Evans

    Yes, if the message is one of love, then it came from Spirit regardless of whether we literally heard the voice of an angel or whether we just dreamed it. So I agree with not worrying about rejection, judgment, accusations of madness, and so forth. Those old stale fears don’t matter!

    1. Allison Marie Post author

      Hello, hello Meg.
      1000% spot on, my beautiful friend. All that jazz is just an excuse to stay small.
      I always love hearing from you and I’m so grateful for your kickass energy! :)
      Blessings and peace, always,

  9. Robert

    I love this, powerful and pasionate words Allison! You are at your best when you feel that burn. Go forward with the fire in your heart and never be afraid to say what needs to be said. Don’t hide your light under a bushell :)

    Let the messages you recieve resonate in the meditations you produce, I look forward to hearing them – you’re a being driven for a purpose :)


    1. Allison Marie Post author

      Hello, hello gorgeous Robert,
      I love the energy in your beautiful comment – thank you so much, my friend! I promise I won’t keep hidden. Thank you, too, for being an inspiration and a light in my world. Your words and spirit mean more than I could ever say. #sograteful
      I am putting every drop of my heart and soul into this album. I will do you proud and serve you well, angel. I promise. :)
      Sending so much love and peace and good energy your way.

  10. Richard

    I love it and with each line I could sense/feel your passion and a clear sense of someone who is on a great mission and I love the line, “People talk about changing the world but I want to do it.” You are doing it Allison. This is powerful!

    1. Allison Marie Post author

      Dear, dear Richard,
      I cannot tell you enough how much your words, energy and spirit mean to me. Your comment is ELECTRIC and I feel the pulse of it running through every word!
      Thank you for your beautiful, uplifting, invigorating encouragement – it truly means the world to me. And most of all, thank you for your presence. :)
      Sending you so much light and peaceful energy, dear one, always.


    1. Allison Marie Post author

      Thank you so much, my beautiful friend! ;) I cannot wait to share it with you.

      Hope you are doing well – you are a busy one! And, of course, always always gorgeous. XO

  11. Darshith

    Spread Love & let our hearts & souls Glow :) The post is so powerful & apt. The time is nigh & Love can surely do wonders :) Allison, my dear, you have pure & beautiful thinking process :)

    1. Allison Marie Post author

      I LOVE your energy and warm spirit, Darshith. I am so blessed and grateful to know you and call you a friend.

      Here’s to spreading the good stuff, angel.

      Peace and love and all things brilliant your way, my dear. :)


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