One True Thing

one true thing for post gb

You’ll either find this to be the toughest or the easiest thing in the world to do.

If things get brilliantly bizarre – which they totally might so, I beg of you, please don’t rule that crazy goodness out – you’ll find it to be both at the same time.

There’s a lot of noise right now about resolutions and this new year being the most “fucktabulous” or whatever the latest punchy catch word is but experience has proven that until the year actually ends itself, there’s no sure way to tell what in the confetti is about to drop.

A proper year takes its grand old time undressing and I don’t know about you but I can’t wait that long to see if when I turn around my life in retrospect had been fuckalicious. I mean, who could possibly predict how many other fucksational ways we’ll have come up with to use curse words on kitschy cocktail napkins by then ( . . . wait for it . . . ).

But there is something that could rock your world right this minute even if the rest of the year falls to hell in a fiery hand basket.

In fact, it could totally transform your life if you are willing to acknowledge that your life is only this minute anyway.

Before we do this though, try not to get all gummed-up about the fact that there are no rules other than to just do it.

Maybe you’ll want to meditate on it and see what comes forward without forcing it – that’s probably a very cool idea – but here’s what:

Write one true thing.

Just get after your personal truest nugget of a thing and write that sly kitten down. Write the most honest thing you can think of whether it takes the form of a single word, a sentence, a poem, a song, a manifesto, a letter to yourself, a promise note, a mural, whatever.

Just dig until you can’t dig any deeper and write the thing that is remarkably crystal clear true for you. Something you know with your whole being. Not necessarily the noblest or what you think would sound good to your mom, but the truest thing.  For you.


Because this, babe, is how you begin anything that actually matters.

This is you at the beginning of your everything whether you realize it or not. This is where you are living from. Better to grab hold of that truth and look her dead in the eyes, yes?

This is how I write. It’s how I create absolutely everything you can see or hear or experience through Glory Begin. Because if you begin from anywhere else except the deep saucy truth, everything that comes after will fall apart.

“It’s when you begin to lie to yourself in a poem in order to make a poem that you fail. That is why I do not rework poems but just let them go at first sitting, because if I have lied originally there’s no use driving the spikes home, and if I haven’t lied, well hell, there’s nothing to worry about.” Charles Bukowski

How to begin a new life? How to begin a new love? How to begin your badass art? How to begin changing the game? Start squarely here: write one honest thing.

Write the most honest thing.

Write one true thing.

Which is another way of saying: get into exactly where you are and use it to get you exactly where you want to go.

Because we can plan and goal-set and iSchedule every sliver of what we think the future should look like, but we can’t move forward in a way that capitalizes on the limitless power of who we truly are if we aren’t razor sharp about who we are first.

A funny thing happens when you write one honest thing: everything else settles and gets tremendously quiet. All the doubts bow themselves down. All the confusion steadies into a gentle breath. All the fears curl up and hush.

In the simple moment of acknowledging one honest thing, you come back home to exactly who you are. You know precisely what it means to be your own.

It’s loud out there right now, troops. With the flashy bulbs of empty promises and the almost punishing demand for impressive things to start happening NOW NOW NOW.

Don’t let that overwhelm you. That’s just a thing people do right now. You and I – we’re talking about what we can do anytime always for the rest of our lives. And it will always work.

Just write one fiercely true thing. Start there.

You don’t have to impress anyone. You don’t have to strive to be anyone else. You don’t have to concern yourself with whether or not you’ll write the same thing again in a week or a month or a year. You probably won’t. Forget all that, it doesn’t matter.

Quiet all the noise and just write one honest thing. Feel what it feels like to cut through all the outside nonsense, and all the inside nonsense, and finally make out the shape of your own personal truth. She’s in there. She’s your only true north.

Let it come. Touch it. Trace it. Explore.

It may be tough. It may be easy. When it’s the truest thing, it will be both.

Write one true thing now and listen to it. Be in awe of the sheer breakthrough of that.

Because for all the grandstanding going on right now, most people will never do this. Most people will be boozily making fucktacular (okay. seriously.) resolutions and avoiding this one really hard, really simple, really powerful thing.

Once you get to your truest thing you’ll know how to go from there. And then there’s only one thing left: to do it again and again and again as often as you can forever.

The things you write may change.

But as long as they are the truest things, the place they come from won’t.


~ ~ ~

P.S. Thank you for sharing my stuff with your friends and family and lovers (and secret lovers). I am so deeply, deeply honored and encouraged by it. Much love to you and yours. x

P.P. S. Starting the new year by beginning an exciting new thing? You’ll love my free series called Beginner’s Luck: 7 Ways the Beginner’s Mind Makes Better Art and it is here. If you want to rock the hell out of your fresh start, I guarantee: this will help you create your absolute best stuff yet. You ready, babe? Awesome, let’s roll. xx

24 thoughts on “One True Thing

  1. Rob

    Great advice, Allison. I recall listening to an interview with Paul Simon and someone asked how he started a song. He said that he tried to write something true, something factual. It made sense, not only in composing music, but in dealing with myself.

    1. Allison Marie Post author

      Thanks so much, Rob. Paul Simon – that’s pretty much the coolest thing. Thank you for sharing that! Isn’t it amazing how what’s true in art is true in life. Happy New Year, guy.

  2. Darshith

    Wow! How perfect this post and the thoughts behind it are. I loved how you described that the surrounding, both inside and outside becomes serene when we go for the truest & honest writing <3 You rock babe :* I have felt this feeling sometimes and will try to feel it again & again ;) Have a great day!

    1. Allison Marie Post author

      Thank you so much, my friend! I’m thrilled to bits that this one resonated for you. I thought it might since you and I are quite the kindred poets. :)
      What you say is so perfect: “to feel it again and again.” That’s so the best. It’s like learning to come back home to ourselves over and over.
      So much love and light your way – rock it out, guy. :)

    1. Allison Marie Post author

      My love, I am humbled, humbled by your sweet honesty and gentle light. We are so kindred in our tears and in our passion. I’m blessed to have you here in this place. And you made me laugh so hard with your vocab!! Love you, too, you angel beast. Stay fierce. xxxx

  3. David A.

    Thank you for being so honest and Authentic!!!
    And being Real!!
    So hard to find nowadays..
    You Are a true force!!!
    For Happiness, Love and Confidence!!!
    You encourage me and inspire me greatly!!!!
    So glad and thankful for the connection ✌
    You are right, who can predict 2016???
    One thing I know is,
    I am going to give it one hellva shot 👊👊👊👊
    Namaste 🙏 ✌🌟💥㊙🆗✴🎆

    1. Allison Marie Post author

      Heyyy David A! – Hello hello and a huge, huge thank you – for reading, for connecting, and for bringing your highest energy into this space. I am so humbled and grateful for your precious time and spirit!
      I know you are giving 2016 a run for its money already, guy. You stay on your absolutely gorgeous game and I look forward to whatever may come.
      Namaste, angel.❤️❤️❤️✨🌙✨

  4. Alejandro Tornato

    Hey Allison…Happy New Year 2016 to you!!!! What a great post to really encourage all of us to be honest, to be truthful; to whom?…to others, sure but even much more important to ourselves. This is a wonderful and timely message especially at this early time of this new year and we each of us need to properly align with who we truly are and share that truth with the whole world. Some people will accept us and some will reject us, and such is life. Let us keep showing up with an open mind and a transparent attitude….


    1. Allison Marie Post author

      Hello hello Alejandro,

      Happy New Year, my friend! I’m thrilled to hear from you – thank you so much for bringing your light and spirit to this place. It is so truly awesome to know that this post resonated with you. That is the BEST. :)

      I can tell from your beautiful comment that we are kindred souls in wanting to be aligned with our truth and bring our highest selves forward from that place. To that I say, dear one, may we shine, may we shine, may we shine.

      Wishing you every precious and creative thing the universe has to offer this year and always. Sat Nam.

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  6. Carol Blake Sessums

    Girlfran, I have so been missing your wisdom!! I’ve been bar too fizzy – I mean. far too busy lately and have not made time for so many important things. I’m making it a point to put you up there among the top of my list, because girl, ya always make me smile – make me really stop and think – think deep, and I just so appreciate your energy. Ya got good vibes, ya know? I love what you have said here, as all your posts burst in my mind and heart and soul like fireworks shooting across the sky!

    One true thing. For so many of us, it’s so extremely difficult to be honest with anyone, much less ourselves, but you’re so right. What could be more authentic than to write one honest and true thing, no matter what it is and no matter what or how it affects anyone else? We have to be true to ourselves or else what’s the point. I will be needing to borrow this idea, if you don’t mind, to share for my new experiment – and give you credit, of course, so everyone who reads mine can come check out your awesome blog, written by an awesome soul and you are most certain to find so much more love, because girl, you rock it! You are a true inspiration and the world/humanity is better for having you.

    1. Allison Marie Post author

      YOU. You make me smile and I’m so damn THRILLED this piece serves you on your creative way. I’m humbled and honored to know it, soul sister. You have the good vibes to, my love. I read your comment twice – it’s so beautiful. Thank you a million times for reading and taking it to heart.

      It’s tougher to be really honest with ourselves than we think, right? It’s a practice and a deliberate process every single time. I think it’s worth it – I truly believe in the digging. And I would be HONORED if you would share my work and take this whole idea and run wild with it!! Go Baby Go!!

      Your light is my light is our light. May we shine may we shine may we shine. Love you, babe. Xxxx

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  8. Him

    A question.

    Does it matter whether or not this is done electronically? I have heard there are benefits to truths in both handwritten and other venues

    1. Allison Marie Post author

      Oh I love your question! Thank you so much for engaging. I would say, for me, I usually hand write – sort of flesh things out – my inner thoughts in my writing journals before I transfer to electronic version. I’ll take the handwritten notes and then make them broader online. If that makes sense.

      I thing it’s a feeling thing and what feels right is the way to go. :)

      There is truth, I believe, in the idea of physically handwriting something that seals it in your heart and mind. I could never write without a pen and paper!

      What do you think? :)

      1. Him

        I don’t think it matters where one writes something, as long as it expresses the heart and soul then that is what matters. When it comes time to express to the world, online makes a big difference. Also translating thoughts to text or other mediums also helps


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