Love Troubles, Horse Races and Our Only Choice


I don’t always wake up tremendously happy. Really. Not even.

The minute my eyes click open my mind speeds off in about five thousand directions, none of which are particularly blissful or peaceful or calm. It could quite honestly be described as unbridled madness.

In fact, it’s taken me a good deal of practice to be able to choose my mind resolutely enough to change the course of my mornings, my days and my entire life.

I used to figure (upon opening my eyes, I swear, no kidding) I had to battle up, get ready to make a thousand choices and decisions in order to quiet a mind that was tangled with a thousand rabid thoughts – one by one I’d try to stalk them, clutch them and kill them off.

Of course, the more troubles I chased, the more showed up. That’s how the mind game works.

And it’s wicked exhausting.

What I’ve learned through meditation and deliberate practice throughout the day is that although there may be a wild horse race of endless running fears in my head, there is only one choice to make. One single choice made over and over and over.

The only choice we ever truly make: the choice to align with the mind of love or to relent to the mind of fear.

The mind of fear runs in every direction; it’s a game, it’s an illusion but it’s attractive because it knows how we feed off of a good chase.

The mind of love simply exists always and everywhere, in peaceful constant, and it offers us everything we truly desire.

Fear feels like fixation.

Love feels like freedom.

Where we are – right now in this moment – is no accident because our mindset is no accident. Though it may seem like we are flooded with troubles, we need make only one choice to resolve them all.

The choice between love (high energy) and fear (low energy).

Always, always, always our choice.

And oh how we love to hate this choice. (Probably because it cuts through all the bullshit.) It’s a deeply personal call to step it up, to train our minds, to use all of our incredible power in order to:

Choose presence of mind instead of chaos.

Choose to align with our highest vibration.

Choose to make decisions from a place of love.

Choose abundance, creativity, peace, and strength.

We are free (and called, and invited, and encouraged, and designed) to choose our energy every day, every hour, every minute. But more often than not, we don’t choose consciously. We deny our power and let the horse race run the show.

It is fully up to us to claim what is ours in love.

On one hand, this sucks, right. It stings. It sounds gorgeous until we have to smear it all over our biggest, toughest challenges. The places in our life that hurt the most. The tenderest stuff, the most stubborn stuff that we wish so badly would just disappear.

On the other hand, though, this rocks. It’s the answer to a thousand things but most importantly it’s the answer to the one and only thing that determines where we are, determines our peace of mind, determines the course of our lives.

Even the most horrific, vicious monster in your life can be sliced down to size (or invited in for tea, if you so desire) with this one choice: choose love.

Love is free and available and it is handed to us over and over and over.

But we have to choose to accept it, welcome it, receive it. We have to take it for our own, fully knowing and trusting that love is our choice in every decision and in every circumstance.

No matter how big or small the troubles may seem.

No matter how many appear.

There is only one choice.


~ ~ ~

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21 thoughts on “Love Troubles, Horse Races and Our Only Choice

  1. Erika

    Wonderful how you explain the mind of fear and of love! There is nothing I could add but: I can only agree with every word, Allison!

  2. Lies Garner | Love.Sparks.Art

    This is coming to me at such the perfect time. This week I have crashed through a giant wall in my heart that has left me without a battle. There has been silence, and crickets, and stillness beyond my wildest dreams – on the Spiritual front.

    Then last night I realized that my kids snap at each other and go from zero to outrageous and intense displeasure with one another because I snap and because I see the slightest annoyance as the end of the world sometimes. Yes. I am so evolved, and such a wispy-breathed spiritual creature that I flip out at my kids daily.

    I try so hard to remember that they learn every darned thing from me, and that my every move has repercussions. I stress about that, and seeing it as a horse race gone wild is incredibly helpful. I am trying to breathe. To stop and not react until I can inhale and see a bigger picture and speak from love and gather them for kisses instead of barking orders.

    You are so right. This totally sucks as I have to smear it over my biggest, toughest challenges. And yet, it rocks, right? The answer to a thousand things, and the one thing that matters.

    My dear, you have blessed my socks off this morning! Thank you!

    1. Allison Marie Post author

      Hello, hello Liesl,

      “Blessed my socks off” is officially my new favorite phrase! Thank you so much, love. Really and truly your words mean the world to me.

      I can totally relate to what you mean about zero-to-outrageous (beautifully said, by the way) whether it be family stress or work stress or wherever it may come from. Those are the times when we seek to grab a hold of anything we can for release. And unless we give ourselves the space to grab onto love we will definitely lose it. It’s SO HARD sometimes- trust, I get there and I kick myself for it. So hard. Anyone who thinks love is easy or soft is dead wrong.

      Practicing love is badassery. :)

      And also: very big congratulations to you for crashing through a giant wall in your heart. That is a miracle and so very sacred. “Stillness beyond my wildest dreams . . .” GIRL. We so speak the same language. Bravo, soul sister.

      Sending huge amounts of love and light and peace your way. Thank you so much for your brilliant spirit, friend. Always.

  3. Rajagopal

    The choice between fear and love is the eternal dilemma; do we want the excitement of fear or the tranquility of love? Fear brings in insecurity, and insecurity breeds greed, hatred and jealousy; fear also restraints one from trials and tribulations, confronting challenges and overcoming them, whereas love builds confidence and team spirit, generates magnanimity and the courage to face challenges, makes one wiser, through the depth acquired from sufferings and sorrow and the width attained from working co-operatively and bonding with others. Fear weakens and destroys, whereas love strengthens and edifies. Enjoyed the dip in your clear waters of ancient wisdom, Allison… Keep flowing over newer terrains and perspectives.

    1. Allison Marie Post author

      Hello, hello Raj,

      As always, your words are thoughtful and warm. Thank you so much for taking the time and care to share them with me and with all of us. I’m so very grateful.

      I very much love that you say love builds confidence and courage. How often we can forget that important truth, my friend. Love is patient and love is kind but we must not forget it can also move mountains with its might. :)

      “the dip in your clear waters of ancient wisdom” . . . wow, this took my breath away, my dear. Thank you for your spirit and light, always.

  4. Brad

    Great tips and reminders about the essential choice in life: fear or love. I can’t have too many reminders to keep choosing love. Just like homeless man who wears a sign “Be Love”, I need signs and reminders. XD
    Thanks Allison. May our love heal and bless…

    1. Allison Marie Post author

      Hey Brad, hey,

      I love seeing your smiling face and reading your gorgeous words! Thank you so much for bringing them to this space with so much love.

      The signs of goodness abound, don’t they? What always blows my mind is the minute we ask for a sign we get just what we need. I am humbled and very honored to have been a little guidepost for you today, my talented friend.

      I’m with you – “may our love heal and bless” – that’s the powerful stuff, indeed. :)

  5. Sherri Matthews

    Dearest Allison, it has been too long! You are so right about having to make a choice, the right choice. I battle every single morning, feeling dire, and have to mentally choose to get up, get going, pray and claim that peace and strength that I know I’ll need for the day ahead, whatever it may bring. You word this so beautifully here. As you always do. I hope and pray that you are well and for blessings to be heaped upon you dear friend. With much love, Sherri <3 xoxox

    1. Allison Marie Post author

      Beautiful, amazing Sherri,

      Hello, hello my dear friend! I am so thrilled to see your glowing smile and to have your spirit and words in this place. Thank you so much for taking the time to chime in. I love your words. You always warm the place right on up. :)

      It isn’t always easy, is it. Even for we who practice our sincerest. I know you are out there fighting the Good Fight, angel friend. Your light is my light is our light. I hope and pray just the very same for you – all love, all peace, all strength along your way.

      Thank you for YOU. Monster-size hugs.

      Stay fierce. :) XOXOXOXO

  6. Robert

    You are so right, the choice is ours and ours alone. Only we, as individuals, can decide between the easy road of fear, acquiescence, and the path of taking control of our emotions and lives, which requires strength and determination. The narrow path is never easy but is the most rewarding, and the only option when the light of understanding dawns, there is no turning back from the truth.

    The truth, which is difficult for many to accept, is no matter what your situation, you are in it because you choose to be. To get out of it may be uncomfortable or very difficult, but there lies the choice. As you eloquently put it ‘Where we are – right now in this moment – is no accident because our mindset is no accident.’

    I love your words of wisdom and insight my friend, the variety of topics and thoughts is inspiring :)

    1. Allison Marie Post author

      Gorgeous Robert,

      You know I so love your words and your spirit. Thank you for taking the time and care to share them here.

      This is pure gold: “when the light of understanding dawns, there is no turning back from the truth.” I could eat this. It’s perfect and it’s so damn TRUE. The image of the dawn is brilliant and lovely. I’m tucking this in close. :)

      It is difficult, for sure. That’s the trick isn’t it – to look a scary thing straight in the face and realize, oh, ok, I got this, I can do this. I’m not alone in this.

      I am so touched to know this brought you some light and warmth today, dear one. It is so awesome to know you are out there glowing, too. :)

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  8. Jackie

    Allison, you break it down so carefully and thoughtfully that you wouldn’t for one moment think you weren’t the most poised being on the planet. It’s uplifting to know that we’re all the same. Sometimes it takes reminding us. What makes us different one form the other is how we CHOOSE to react to the horse race of life.
    Happy weekend!

    1. Allison Marie Post author

      I so freaking love you and your spirit and your words, Jackie M. Thank you for saying uplifting – that’s the BEST there is. I’m so damn grateful to know it!

      The choice is tough sometimes, right. But it’s also pretty radical how it can change absolutely everything. :)

      I hope your weekend was delicious and amazing, my beautiful friend. Thank you so much for your energy.

      Super big love your way, as always. XOXO

  9. Michael

    Hi Allison,

    You’re so right. It all sounds wonderful until we have to apply it to the sticky wicket. We have to stand in the back forty of our own lives while the other kids ran off to the fairground, stand in the hot drenching sun of our insecurity, anger, disappointment and indignation, and do the work. Choosing love is not always as easy as throwing a switch. It’s like we have to stand firm against this emotional horse inside of us that is rearing on it’s hind legs, crashing into the paddock walls, not exactly enamored of the notion that reality is other than it has chosen… But then when it comes, we’re so glad we weren’t bouncing along at the fair all day, swapping gossip. Something came and answered our call, some piece of eternity that came home to roost, and it’s ours now… Forever…


    1. Allison Marie Post author

      Hello, hello Michael,
      I always love hearing from you, thank you so for taking the time and care to leave such engaging thoughts and words. (I LOVE that you say “sticky wicket”! That’s fantastic.)
      Your words are real and they resonate with me for sure. Thank you for that. I can feel you when you say we have to ‘stand firm against the emotional horse’ – that is really REALLY true. Choosing to love in the face of what’s going on inside is so much harder than it appears on the outside. ‘crashing into the paddock walls’ . . . my I love that. Just perfect.

      As always, I’m sending so much peace and light your way. Stay fierce.

      So much big love,

  10. Darshith

    It’s always the ideas that makes a person great & for me YOU ARE SUPER GREAT :) How beautifully you explain the difficulties of life & also give us the solution which is again far more simple ;)

    Yes, it’s always our choice to choose !!
    Loved the post :)
    Thank you so very much Allison !!

    I was just talking with a close friend of mine last night and she said that if someone was cross with her then she would make sure that she invites them for a meal/beverage & try to make things good as before :)
    Reading the same in your post was relishing that wow people have so beautiful thoughts :)

    1. Allison Marie Post author

      My beloved friend,

      YOU ARE SUPER GREAT! :) I love your words and your spirit behind them. It’s so easy to forget our choice, isn’t it. We are all learning and helping each other to choose love. Just as your friend (and you) are open to making relationships full of goodness and light, that’s the BEST.

      I am humbled and SO glad to know you loved this piece! That really means to world to me, dear friend. Thank you for you. :)

      Much big love and hugs and peace to you, Darshith, always, always.



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