Light Being: How to Amp Up Your Inner Radiance and Shine Without Fear

crack light

After it was over, all I could see was light. All I could feel was light. All I could be was light.

She was pure love energy, radiant fascinating white, like staring directly into the center of a star without the sting. My eyes were closed.

I could make out just enough of her: the gentleness along the curve of her back as she knelt before me. The giant fluid outline of what could have been the perfect wings. Her hands held mine as my arms were spread open in meditation.

In one weightless, slender movement both of her thumbs slid down the length of the inside of my willing arms, elbow to wrist, opening me up. As the white of my skin parted into the white of her glow she poured cascades of endless light like tranquil liquid pools into me.

I let her fill me and I understood. We sat together for a while, silent, patient. Eventually all that existed was the light. There were no more lines bending over backs, or textured traces of what could have been wings, or silhouettes of heads bowing to one another.

No more division.

My energy was not apart from this being. She was not separate from me and we were no longer distinguishable from the Light. I couldn’t be certain if I called on her or she called on me, it didn’t matter.

After it was over all I could see was light. Inside of me, radiating out of her, through her, beyond us. There was no us. There was only light.

These kinds of visions come to me sometimes in meditation. Not often, but when they do, I remember them for a long, long time. They seem to come as visual messages. It’s as though I’ve asked the Divine a question without words (sometimes it’s hard to find the words, you know?) and so the answer comes without them, too.

I adore these messages. They are always about Light. Much the same as the black bird from my last visualization, these are some of the most powerful, peaceful, gorgeous revelations and they are always crystal clear in tone and intention.

Part of our mission as light-workers, as miracle-workers, is to take what we learn in Love and share it. To bring it forward for others to have something to relate to – to sink their spiritual claws into – along their own personal journeys.

Our stories become a way to heal each other.

I tell this story to get to the truth of its message which is this, my new favorite mantra:

You are so damn beautiful.

In order to get into the sacred practice of sharing my light, I begin everyday from this space where I fully surrender every fear I have of my own radiance.  I willingly accept that I am completely beautiful because I am the energy of Love.

It might sound elementary or cliché (and man, hate cliché) but the ugly truth is that we have a really hard time believing this about ourselves. A really, really hard time. It’s hard because we are so programmed to equate beauty with bodies and we apply it like a shameful label: some are beautiful people, some are not.

Of course, this is bullshit of the highest order.

“Miracles are seen in light.
The body’s eyes do not perceive the light.
But I am not a body. What am I?”
*ACIM, Lesson 91

The beauty of you and I is not contained within our bodies. Beauty is not defined by our separation from each other and it is absolutely torn into shreds when we let ego deceive us into believing that it’s a scarce resource; that some have it and some don’t.

The true beauty we possess is pure energy, pure divine light. The only thing we truly have is the light of who we are as Love, as spiritual beings. Our beauty is our light, and our light is our greatest strength. It is the only gift we receive and it is the only gift we can ever wholly give.

Thich Nhat Hanh reminds us that the power of a mantra is not the words themselves but the mindfulness and deliberate concentrated energy we invoke when we recite them. He says, “A mantra is a magic formula” because the mindfulness is where the miracles are, the intention and focus is what allows the transformation to occur.

You are so damn beautiful.

Don’t just tell yourself this every day. Center yourself inside the  energy of it.

This is the truth about you, beloved.


It is not arrogance, it is not obscene, it is not delusion. It is not an empty affirmation of petty words strung together for kicks. You are so damn beautiful is the expression of your essence, your divinity and your eternal worthiness.

“What you think you are is a belief to be undone. But what you really are must be revealed to you. The belief you are a body calls for correction, being a mistake. The truth of what you are calls on the strength in you to bring your awareness what the mistake conceals.”

You are beautiful by sacred design. You are beautiful because of the Light that streams into you and vibrates from you by virtue of the Love you are. Believe in this before you do another thing, angel. Because waiting for the world to validate your beauty will leave you empty every time.

Your light is not up for judgment and it is not up for grabs.

Open up your arms, open up your heart, your mind, and your soul and let that light pour all through your veins until you remember that you radiate from the inside out.

Be accepting of this tremendous power. Let all resistance to this truth fall away and own the incredible strength of who you are.

When your fear of shining is over, all you will see is light. All you will feel is light.

All we can ever learn to be – for ourselves and for each other – is light.


~ ~ ~

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13 thoughts on “Light Being: How to Amp Up Your Inner Radiance and Shine Without Fear

  1. Brad

    Hey Allison. You are so damn beautiful and awesome. :) I appreciate how bold and feisty you are with your love, sharing and truth. You bring many smiles to me, even when your language ruffles my feathers!

    I love your vision. I hope you received some of that beautiful message in feelings and energy too.
    Feel free to send that light angel my way! Peace Out!

    1. Allison Marie Post author

      Hello hello my beautiful. Radiant friend,

      Forgive me if this reply is a little bit of a mess. I’m on my phone and it’s tricky to type properly.

      I just adore your words and I’m so thoroughly grateful for your presence here. I do get mighty serious about Love.

      I am right this very minute sending you so much love and light, dearest. I totally feel the Angels surrounding you. They hear you, baby. :)

      Thank you again. Your words and connection mean more than you know.

      Stay brilliant. XO

  2. Rajagopal

    Hi dear light being, in Allison outfit… Thoroughly enjoyed the feeling and message radiating from yours. Luceat Lux Vestra, Latin for ‘let your shine’, is the message in Gospel of St Mathew, ‘let your light shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father in Heaven’; ages before that, the Upanishads affirmed loud and clear, ‘Asatomar sat gamaya, tamasomar jyotirgamaya, mrityomar amritamgamaya’, (Sanskrit verse meaning, ‘From falsehood to truth, from pervading gloom to everlasting light, and from death to eternal life’, which is the essence of worldly life; as we journey from darkness of ignorance to the radiance of wisdom, and from our sojourn on this planet to eternal life elsewhere. People who have been through near-death experience, have spoken about being flung headlong through a long, dark tunnel, and merging with an effulgence of light at end of the tunnel. Hence to say, so dazzlingly beautiful are you, would be to state the truth…love and light your way… xoxo..

    1. Allison Marie Post author

      My beautiful friend, dear Raj,

      I am so glad you enjoyed this one. “light being in Allison outfit” . . . my new favorite idea. :)

      One of the best things about your visits here is that you take the time to share your gorgeous wisdom. I m SO grateful, my dear, I always learn something special from you. What a gift. I feel truly blessed by your presence and light. I adore learning the Sanskrit words and meanings – it’s like my love for words only grows and grows. What you shared in your comment I have read a few times now and written in down where I keep messages I want to stay close to.

      Your spirit radiates across time and space into my soul, dear one. So much love and dazzling light your way, angel.

      Warmest hugs xxoo

    1. Allison Marie Post author

      Dear Carl,

      I just love your spirit! I smiled reading this because yes, for me at least, the daily practice matters very much.

      If only I could power the electricity with this light I’d be a richer gal indeed. :)

      So much peace your way, my friend.


  3. Darshith

    Hello Dear Allison,
    A great post again, about refining ourselves and accepting the fact that We all are damn beautiful indeed :) The beginning of this post was super is super awesome ;) Love the way you said, “Sometimes it’s difficult to find words” and also the questions without words are answered without words <3 so apt and satisfying :)

    Stay healthy and keep spreading light and smiles Girl :)
    Love and Light <3

    1. Allison Marie Post author

      Hello, hello my friend,
      Thank you so kindly – I am thrilled that you enjoyed this piece, especially the beginning. I love describing these kind of visions. :)
      It is hard to find the words (even though writers like you and I adore the words, right) on our spiritual journey. So much of this inner space is about intuition and vibration. So much of our energy is beyond words. “Apt and satisfying” – that is beautiful, Darshith. Bless you.
      I promise to keep spreading the energy. It is a pleasure, as always, to share with you!
      Sending so much love, light, peace and beauty your way, angel.
      Warmest, biggest hugs,

      1. Darshith

        Yes Allison, we love words but sometimes it’s better to feel and let it not be spoken ever :P Your comment and energy and blessings make me smile and energize me towards a better path of feeling things from our soul and meditating :) Warmest hugs and love and rays ;)

        1. Allison Marie Post author

          I agree with you fully, my sweet friend. Sometimes, as they say: “Silence is golden.” Your words and energy mean the world to me. Your soul is sacred and meditating can only bring you closer to the beautiful truth of who you are. Love your cyber-hugs! Stay gorgeous, dear one. :) xx


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