// knots //


all these knots inside
I need them
bite on them
admire them
offer them
to you with your
blue clay hands.
move your thumbs slow
my celestial chest
straight and narrow in
maddening designs
until I come
you have done this
with other creatures before
it takes no time
at all.
and one by one you
reveal to me the
kingdoms within kingdoms I keep.
you tell me I am
safe outside my skin,
that I am eternity in heat,
that I am an ancient geometric
you must taste to
there is no
other way to remember
you have no
and as you build your burning cities
in my heavenly
darkening mind
I am allowed to



~ Allison Marie Conway ~


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All my deepest love and mad affection. x

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Allison Marie Conway is the author of Vein (available now on Amazon) and the creator of Glory Begin Blog & Podcast. Her full body of work is focused on spirituality, sensuality, creativity and inspiration. Email Allison at glorybegin@gmail.com

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