It’s Already Happening

street blurrr

You think you’re waiting.

But it’s already happening.

All in your favor.

All of it. All of the energy that never lets up, every prick of the slicing rain and scorch of the driving winds.

The accidents. The encounters. The signs.

Everything that’s happening is unfolding inside a perfect pattern of deliberate chaos.

Even as you hang your steely head upon its crooked neck.

Even as the rush comes.

Even as you wring your dripping hands.

Nothing will come to you from the outside to save you or to fix it.

Because nothing is wrong, beloved, except in your mind.

It won’t look the way it’s supposed to look.

It will be quiet when you want it to be loud. It will be made fun of when you want it to be exulted, it will be upside down when you want it sideways.

Get out of your head.

It will be gentle when you want fierce and concrete when you want velvet.

And that’s why you don’t realize that it’s all for you.

You don’t get it.

You don’t see that everything you want is already happening. It’s already here.

Even as you sit and wring your hands.

Everything is for you.  Everything.

And all of this happens while the world sees nothing. They see nothing in you or about you. They don’t see it for the same reason you don’t see it: you don’t know what you are looking at when you look through the eyes of the world.

The world has no vision, no meaning, no direction.

Only when you come to understand that you are the direction. You are the meaning. You are the vision.

Will you then see that everything you desire is already happening.

What we thought was of value, what we were told and taught, what we thought we needed for validation and acceptance, for blood and for life, it’s all about nothing.

None of what we tried to chase was ever up for grabs to begin with.

There was never any question about our worth, even as we tried to prove it.

We the worthy, we the blind.

What is it you want, love?

What is it that you think you need that isn’t already yours?

Acceptance? Comfort?

What is it you want?

What is it you want?

Repeat and repeat and repeat. You haven’t gotten to the answer until the answer can take no form. When it’s something you can’t hold without losing.

When it’s something you have to let go of to keep.

What is it you want?

It’s already happening.

All of it.

Even as the world sees nothing.

Even as you wring your hands.


~ ~ ~

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23 thoughts on “It’s Already Happening

  1. Brad

    Philosophically I get it, but don’t quite believe and act as if it’s all happening for me and my good. Clever way to present this Allison. :)

    1. Allison Marie Post author

      Oooh thank you, friend, I love clever. Thank you so. ;)

      The ultimate question, yeah? Which comes first. The believing or the receiving?

      The proverbial chicken or the egg?

      Why do chickens keep coming up around here by the way? What the he’ll is happening? ;) ❤️

    1. Allison Marie Post author

      That means so damn much to me, Aaron. I don’t usually rock out with the poem / riff / thoughtstream on the blog but if you get this, you get me. And I’m so fully grateful, my friend.Sat Nam.

      #thisishappening ❤️

  2. Meg Evans

    Yes, that is exactly why the conventional advice to find one defining purpose in life and visualize how to get there doesn’t really work. Because it’s not about a thing, place, or goal — it’s about the flow, the creative process itself; and if we ever did “get there,” we’d soon find that we were bored and wanted to be somewhere else! Great post.

    1. Allison Marie Post author

      Beautiful Meg, Hello hello my friend,
      I always LOVE your thoughts. :) You are so spot on with every single gorgeous word. I am totally smiling and jumping for joy right now as I read your comment for the third time! I love how you mention boredom and the goal being FLOW and not FORM. This is just so GOOD. Yes. Yes. Yes.
      You are such a light, soul sister. Thank you so much for being here and bringing that fantastic warm wisdom with you! ❤️

  3. Darshith

    Hey Allison, the day is almost near. Are you ready? What are your thoughts? ;) 11-11 :P Love the post and how things are actually in our head and whatever is happening outside is exactly how it should happen ;) It all depends on our perception. How are you? Did you do the tattoo? :P Love and beautiful vibes to you <3 Happy special week ahead ;)

    1. Allison Marie Post author

      Hey there you. . . only two days to go, kiddo . . . :)
      Thank you so much, SO MUCH for reading and for your gorgeous comment. It is so awesome that this resonated for you, love that. It is quite truly the best.
      I am doing very well, thank you my love. And YES the tattoo outline is complete – I have to say. . . it is GORGEOUS. I am thrilled to bits and didn’t mind the 2 hours I spent in the chair. TOTALLY worth it. I go back in 2 weeks for the shading and conturing. Maybe when it’s all done I’ll post some photos. The artwork this man does is fucking incredible. I am in love with this ink. Head over heels :)
      I am SO GRATEFUL for your love and beautiful, beautiful good vibes . . . I totally feel them and I cherish your presence here, dear one. Thank you, too, for your sweet prayers . . . they worked 1000% . . . :) XO

      1. Darshith

        Yeah 1 day more :D I am also grateful for your loving words <3 Yeah, post some pics of the tattoo so that we can admire and be jealous of it too :P Good that you were comfortable in the chair for those 2 hours :D Happiness and love to you Girl <3 Keep rocking ;) We have Diwali tomorrow(a big day for you and me both) ;)

  4. Amitav

    Wonderful write, Allison. I completely identify with the ethos of this poem. There is a cosmic design and plan for us and no matter what the experiences; it will lead us to that, with or without our knowledge. You have portrayed this philosophical journey so eloquently. :)

    1. Allison Marie Post author

      Hello, hello Amitav,

      Thank you so much for taking the time and care to read and leave such a beautiful comment. Your words mean very much to me as I can tell already we are kindred spirits, my friend.

      There is indeed a plan, isn’t there. And no one is sent to another without a divine and gentle purpose.

      I’m so grateful our cosmic paths have crossed. Thank you for your presence and light. :)

      1. Amitav

        You are welcome, Allison. Kindred spirits we are. :) Yes, your writings delve deeper into the realm of cosmic truth and it does resonate with me. Wonderful to have connected with you. Keep sharing your beautiful and insightful thoughts. Best wishes. :)

  5. Ariana

    Awesome stuff :) Meditation is definitely hard man. Clearing my mind is like a damn hoarders nest haha.
    Great inspiration. Keep it up. I also have a youtube channel! It’s the best. <3

    1. Allison Marie Post author

      I feel you, Ariana! So true, so true. Thank you for reading and engaging. In so digging your alternative vibe. you keep it up, too, babe. May we shine. ❤️


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