GB Podcast 2: Daily Meditation to Transform Your Life


(Podcast transcript is below)

Hello hello gorgeous people, beautiful souls! Thank you so much for being here and for bringing your amazing energy to this space. I am Allison, your host for the podcasts and the creator of Glory Begin.

First let me say thank you all for your messages and love following the opening podcast last week. I can’t tell you enough how much it means to me that you are out there and that we have connected. It is such a gift and I don’t take that for granted. There is a LOT of noise out there and so many messages coming at us from every which way so to be able to spend time interacting mindfully and peacefully here absolutely rocks my soul.

So I thank you for being here and I also want to say that I believe we are here for a reason. If you have come upon this message and something resonates with you, that is not an accident. In fact, I will even go so far as to say that there are no accidents in this life. Every single thing you experience is for a reason.

All that you have been through in your life up until this very minute has been designed for the grand purpose of your time here on this planet. Nothing, nothing is ever wasted. The struggles, the triumphs, the dreams, the messiness and the hope is all part of the divine plan the universe has for your life.

And this is the foundation, right in the first podcast we touched on this idea of building your house on rock and not on sand. Building the temple of your life on rock means no matter what, you know in your bones and being that you are here for a reason, that your life has sacred meaning, and that through your talents, passions, and gifts you are birthing meaning and light into this world.

Believe that. Believe it so deeply that it becomes unquestionable.

I had said that today I would share my own original meditation and I am so honored to guide you through it here shortly. But before I do I thought it would make sense to give you just a little background on why this became an important daily ritual for me.

It’s important because it will also matter for you as you develop your own practice.

What I started to realize was that I found myself turning inward for guidance and direction only when my life was a royal mess and I was desperate. So instead of cultivating a daily authentic devotion to my spiritual health I was sort of jabbing at it sporadically – you know – and only at the times in my life when I felt really confused and weak. I’m sure the angels really dug that right, like they’re thinking, love, how long do we have to cycle through this with you? You know. It could be so much better than this!

But I was only coming in times of desperation and sadness, and of course, in all its grace and compassion the higher power, I call Spirit, would show me, lead me, guide me, help me.

And then along my sporadic goofy way I would go again until I managed to get into the next disaster. And I was tired of being such a drama queen when it came to my spiritual life. I decided that wasn’t good enough because I knew throughout my life I was a woman who is able to commit, I committed to my education and my child and my marriage.  If I was going to live the greatest life I could muster I was going to have to begin every single day from a committed place that was centered in my soul.

I wanted more purpose in my life, I wanted to be more of myself, I wanted to be able to go to sleep at night feeling good about what I had given to the world. I wanted to wake up in the morning grateful and excited for what I might get to do that day.

So I committed to meditation every single morning no matter what was going on. If things were peaceful I’d come peacefully, If things were confusing or scary I’d show up vulnerable and ask for healing and clarity. Whatever I had inside, whatever the truth was for me, I’d bring it.

Daily meditation and prayer is a game changer, you guys. Daily surrender to a higher power doesn’t just change your life it transforms your being. It connects you to the only thing that can ever fulfill you and that is Love. The power of connecting to that energy is real and it is sacred and it is not to be taken lightly.

Because when you commit, really commit to being open to changing your way in the world in order to know higher peace, deeper joy, greater strength, and clearer purpose you will be changed. The Universe will respond to your true intention and it will send you signs, guides, and messages along your way.

It’s the grooviest most fascinating, joyful, and gut wrenching journey you could ever undertake and it will require bravery and humility and honesty and time.

I know some of you have been practicing various forms of meditation for various lengths of time. Many of you guys are new to this and are having trouble committing to it but at the same time it’s pulling you in. Something within is eager for you to begin this connection and commit to it for the rest of your life.

No accident, right? Nothing is ever wasted and you are here for a reason.

Some of you guys find it extremely difficult to quiet the mind and that is totally ok – it happens to me, too! Especially at the beginning. There is so much whirling around in our heads all the time, that’s just part of the human experience.

One of the best ways I learned to deal with that radical chompy, chewy, churning mind was from a meditation I heard by Jack Kornfield he asks us to think of our mind as wide as the sky and thoughts are clouds that come and go across that expanse. So instead of trying to wrangle with those thoughts that come up and trying to force them down, let them come up and let them go.

A big part – maybe the biggest part – of meditation is letting go. Surrendering your need to control. In meditation you don’t try to control thoughts and you do not have to force concentration. You are learning to rely completely on a power far greater than yourself.

When I meditate I think of it as approaching zero mind or the place of peace that resides within beyond thought.

The meditation practice I sort of grew organically for myself is to do it first thing in the morning before the sun comes up, that’s when my energy is buzzing. I have a space in my home where I can light some candles and burn incense and be in complete silence. No music, dim light, no distractions. I sit in easy pose, take three deep breaths and then allow my energy to sink inward completely. I let go fully and listen with my whole being. I remain open and invite guidance and intuition to come forward. And they do.

Use this as a guide if you are new and know that as you continue, you can adjust in ways that are true for you, no right or wrong. This is your unique connection, your time alone with yourself to just be.

So let’s do a meditation right now and if you enjoy it, you are welcome to come back to it as many times as you like.

Breathe deeply in your nose and exhale fully out your mouth.

A Meditation For Guidance

Dear Love,

I thank you for this new beginning. This new day.

I am grateful for this time to connect to you with honesty and surrender.

Be grateful for your life in this very precious moment.

Breathe in that.

Breathe deeply in your nose and exhale fully out your mouth.

Dear Love,

Use me. Open me fully to be a vessel for your light.

Heal my fears that I might heal others.

I offer you my talents, my gifts, and my potential.

I surrender to you for healing my fears, my pain, my hesitations.

Teach me to remain awake and alert for your messages.

I know I am being guided throughout this day.

Today I choose love. I am love.

Breathe deeply in your nose and exhale out your mouth.

Sit in the stillness and let thoughts come and go like clouds across the sky.

Don’t wrestle them. Let them go.

You are peace.

You are in peace.

Feel the depths of your inner peace.

Imagine your spirit reaching, extending outward endlessly into the widest expanse of Loving Peaceful Energy.

You are limitless.

You are love.

In stillness lies your authentic self at its highest frequency.

And now to close this meditation imagine your feet rooting into the ground, deeply connecting your energy with the earth.

Know you are anchored in the peaceful energy of this inner space and you can return to it at any time.

Thank you for being here, guys, thank you for your spirit and your energy. I wish you a week full of good energy and continued success along your journey.

I love hearing from you so if you have thoughts on today’s podcast or want to share your own experience with meditation I’d love for us to share with one another. We are all students and we are all teachers at any given time so always, always feel free and encouraged to make comments or get in touch with me.

Until next time, Peace, guys, always and always.
© 2014 Allison Marie Conway at Glory Begin


6 thoughts on “GB Podcast 2: Daily Meditation to Transform Your Life

    1. Allison Marie Post author

      Thank you, love! I am so glad you have enjoyed! That’s awesome that you do a meditation daily. That has made all the difference for me, too :) It doesn’t have to be elaborate, just has to be intentional and sincere.

      Peace and light to you today, my good friend!

  1. Alejandro

    Hello Allison,

    First of all, I want to thank you so much for responding to my earlier comment, I really appreciate you taking the time to do it, this is what connecting with another human being is all about, a meaningful exchange of ideas and stories. Personal stories are the ones which enhance and strengthen connections to higher levels.
    Now, let me share with you that I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this podcast just a few minutes ago, during my lunch time (yes, I know that it is the middle of the day and it may not be an ideal time to meditate, sitting in your office…), however, I believe that when you come to truly connect with your deeper self from a place of gratefulness and thankfulness and you are open to receive from your Source the love and abundant energy, it doesn’t matter what time it is. It certainly was very relaxing to close my eyes, to listen to your voice and to allow thoughts to fly just like clouds moving freely throughout the infinite expanse of a bright blue sky; a wonderful experience and energizing to the soul. As I continue to meet and interact with high energy people, where we are able to vibrate at similar frequencies and where our messages can resonate in such a wonderful way, I notice that my life is being tremendously enriched and therefore I may enrich others along the journey. I would very much like to stay in touch with you and perhaps have an opportunity to share my personal story. Keep up your spirit and your passion for life!!!!

    1. Allison Marie Post author

      Dear Alejandro,

      Thank you so much for sharing this comment, your time and energy are such a gift, thank you. I am so very grateful that you enjoyed this meditation. It is such a joy to bring these forth and knowing they helped someone to reach a deeper level of connection with their inner peace is the greatest gift.

      I think we should take time more often to meditate at whatever times feel right for us. Even just five minutes breathing and coming back to center in our loving energy is so very, very important for our health in mind and spirit. I say good for you taking the time at lunch, I am just honored to have been part of offering you that opportunity.

      I popped over to visit your lovely website and thoroughly enjoyed reading more about your story! Thank you for inviting me. I just love knowing so many of we little spirits are lighting our lights all across the globe. This makes me so happy. :)

      Wishing you many blessings and much peace this Sunday, my friend.


  2. Lydia


    This is a great podcast and introduction to meditation. I think that we’ve discussed it before, but meditation is transformative. It changes who you are in relation to everything in your life. It’s funny. I, too, heard the same guidance from Kornfield about those inevitable thoughts being clouds passing across your infinite sky. I do find that a helpful way to deal with the thoughts and to practice non-attachment. I also like the idea of standing as a witness watching the thoughts as they bubble through the surface. Doing so, reminds me that I am not my thoughts, but a wide expanse in which I can handle anything, both negative and positive. I am a being of love and all of the answers are within, not outside, of me.

    As to those just beginning meditation, it is helpful to remember that we should all come to our sitting practice with a ‘beginner’s mind,’ as each meditation is distinct and different from one another. In the beginning, if you can commit to sit one minute a day, that is a start. I mean, who can’t find time in their busy schedules for a minute a day. In no time, you will increase your practice–it is inevitable because you will find that your being needs that quiet reflective time.

    Thanks for the wonderful podcast. You should consideration adding longer meditations for those who gravitate to guided meditations, which are a good introduction to the practice.

    Blessings, love and Namasté to you dear friend, lydia

    1. Allison Marie Post author

      Beloved Lydia,

      I am so very, very glad you enjoyed this podcast and meditation. A little way to dip a toe in, right? 

      I agree with you wholeheartedly, meditation, a daily sustained commitment to accessing inner peace, will transform your being. I love how you put it, this is beautiful: I am a being of love and all of the answers are within, not outside, of me. Perfect, gorgeous.

      Yes, if you are a beginner, Lydia is so right! “Beginners mind” is a great, great way to say it. One minute is NOT nothing! One minute in the mindfulness is all it takes to ignite the relationship with your inner wisdom. It will grow upon itself, take it slow.

      Now I have to try to hold in my excitement, but I am so glad you mentioned longer meditations. It seems they are very helpful for a lot of people, myself included. So look for some special ones coming your way for Glory Begin subscribers only! 

      Thank you so much for sharing your experience and thoughts here, my good friend. Your spirit and light are such a gift!

      Blessings, peace and much love,



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