[Fill in the Blank] The Major Spiritual Game Changer We Don’t See

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One of the most life-giving, healing and beautiful skills daily meditation has taught me is not only to align consciously with peace energy for a set period of time but also how to stop filling in the blanks with insanity throughout the day.

You know: the blanks.

The blanks we don’t even realize exist because we bulldoze right on over them, filling them in with judgments, grizzly speculations and attack thoughts.

For the most part, we are not conscious of the blanks which is a damn shame because if we don’t see them, we can’t use them to our advantage.

Without realizing these little pockets of welcome exist, these moment to moment opportunities for healing and growth, we allow the ego to fill them in with the negative stuff we say to ourselves constantly, incessantly.

What might a blank look like if we could see it?

It would look like the split instant of neutral empty space right before we decide to say something cruel. It would feel like the way out of the grueling heaviness in our being while we are – say – doing the laundry while also silently waging a self-loathing war on ourselves in our minds.

All of the thoughts we have fill in the blanks that spell out our lives. The way we live them, the way we treat ourselves and treat other people.

When we meditate, we part the nonsense to reach the blanks and invite peace and love to fill them in instead of ego, fear and doubt.

But in the rush and the noise of daily life, the blanks get quickly crammed in with all the negative, (almost appallingly) vicious, judgmental stuff that hurts but we’re so used to it that we allow it to keep right on.

The wicked thing is that even as this wild mind-chomping is happening, we are nearly numb to it.  And yet this self-inflicted spirit brutality is actively defining our lives and sabotaging our ability to own our sacred purpose in it.

The blanks are not the problem, of course, they are the opportunity. They are the empty spaces, the places where we have a choice to make if we could remember to slow down and harness them.

By taking the time to calm our incessant negative thoughts, we learn to recognize the immense power we have to change our experience.

Quite literally, every blank is another shot we get to take at creating peace.

If you take a day to really examine what fills in the blanks more often, though?

It’s a running tab of maniacal judgments.

“Today I will judge nothing that occurs.

I will be honest with myself today. I will not think that I already know what must remain beyond my present grasp. I will not think I understand the whole from bits of my perception, which are all that I can see. Today I recognize that this is so. And so I am relieved of judgments that I cannot make. Thus do I free myself and what I look upon to be in peace as God created us.”

A Course In Miracles,  Lesson 243

Nothing knocks us off our spiritual game as quickly as judgment. We make up wild stories in our minds, completely unfounded and speculative, and so proceed to sever ourselves from Love.

To recognize this, though, is a game changer. To become conscious of those snap judgments is to seize a major opportunity to align with Love more fully and more often. It’s the way to actively experience the gorgeous love lights we truly are not just on the meditation pillow but inside the rawness of our everyday stuff.

There is a beautiful mantra I use in those moments when I catch myself judging. I am confident that it has absolutely saved me from more drama that you could possibly imagine because to recognize the blanks is to pull the plug on the ego.

To give Love a chance to enter the scene is to short-circuit the crazy.

Love, how would you have me see this?

Love will always rush to enter where it is welcome.  Even if it’s in the midst of what seems like a mighty battle or hopeless situation where egos are spiraling out of control. If you give Love an entryway, however slight, Love is coming through.

No matter what your spiritual path or practice, this is where the rubber meets the road in terms of living a life of peace or a life of pain.  This is living spirituality in the real world.

Letting go of judgment and attack is the recognition of our own power to turn the otherwise empty spaces over to Love, to our infinite capacity for peace, and allow the Spirit of the Highest Compassion to fill in the blanks instead.

Our thoughts are the only thing keeping us from the peace we truly seek. They are the only barrier or bridge to the peace the world so desperately needs.

What do you want your experience to be, angel?

[fill in the blank]


15 thoughts on “[Fill in the Blank] The Major Spiritual Game Changer We Don’t See

  1. Rajagopal

    So analytical about the path of meditation as only a budding master like you can, Allison, in the process serving also as a guiding light to all meditators out there. Life, indeed, is all about salutarily filling in those empty spaces with love, gratitude, and brimming optimism that looks forward to newer evolutionary horizons…warm regards to you my love….

    1. Allison Marie Post author

      My beautiful friend, Raj,

      I have been so sick for two weeks now and in fact had to go to the hospital yesterday. I’m home now and I am on my way to healing but I regret very much that being so ill has caused me to be so late in replying to your gorgeous words.

      Your words are such a treasure and totally brightened my otherwise rather tough week. Thank you so much, my dear.

      “budding master” is the most beautiful thing I have heard in a long time – thank you so for that. It truly means more than you know. And I love this: “looks forward to newer evolutionary horizons” – yes, yes, yes.

      Warm regards to you, too, my love. Thank you, as always, for lifting my spirits and smile. :)

      Peace and light, always,


  2. Meg Evans

    Yes, looking for other perspectives works well to quiet the negative mind chatter! Over the weekend I felt annoyed about being nagged; then I asked myself, what else is in this space? Well, nagging usually involves concern, caring, wanting to help, etc., because otherwise the person wouldn’t bother to say anything, right? So, I decided that although the particular words used were not ideal, it was not something to let myself get annoyed about.

    1. Allison Marie Post author

      My beautiful friend, Meg,

      Hello, hello and please forgive me for taking so long to reply. I have been so very sick and unable to keep up online this week. I regret that very much.

      As usual, your comments are awesome and this one totally resonates with me. The nagging! And I LOVE this searching question “what else is in this space?” – I am totally stealing that! :) I love those great new perspectives and ways of looking on a situation with more love and understanding. That takes a great deal of mindfulness to step back and approach with openness. Gorgeous.

      You are so damn groovy, Meg. Thank you for brightening what is a rather tough week for me. I am so grateful for your light and spirit.

      Peace and love, always,


      1. Meg Evans

        No worries about taking so long to reply, Allison; I always enjoy your cheerful replies, no matter when you write them! Wishing you restful days full of sunshine and better health.

    1. Allison Marie Post author

      Hello, hello, friend,

      Thank you so much! Dragon . . . I dig. :) I will stop by very soon and check it out. Congratulations to you and thank you so much for thinking of me. I’ve been mighty sick and you have brightened my day.

      Blessings and light, always,


  3. Jackie

    Conscious appreciation of the small things can fill in the blanks, I think. Like plastering over the cracks in a wall. A nice dash of paint and the world can look fresh and new!

    Happy Summer to you, Sunshine!

    1. Allison Marie Post author

      Jackie M, you gorgeous thing,

      Your words always cheer me instantly! I love your idea about a dash of paint and the world is brand new. So true. I’ve been so damn sick for two full weeks now and I am feeling that terrible itch to get on with my life – you know what I mean? It’s a real wake up call to be ill sometimes, you realize how lucky you are when you have your health and can paint the world the way you feel!

      Thank you so much for being in my world, dear friend. Your energy is positively healing. Happy Summer to you, too! I hope it’s every brilliant color you can fathom. :)

      Big cyber hugs,

      Allison XOXO

  4. Darshith

    As always, Wonderful :) I simply love your thoughts ;) You are a walking Angel :D

    We all need to use these blanks in life for something useful for us and everyone else ;) Loved this concept :)

    And, about Love, it’s everywhere and we both are aware of that ;) You are away, I guess? Haven’t seen much activity from you in other social sites.

    Take care, Allison <3 Keep shining, Star :)

    1. Allison Marie Post author

      Incredible, gorgeous Darshith,

      Your comment totally made me smile, thank you, thank you so dearly. You are an angel, too, you know this. :)

      I am very sick, my friend, and have been for a few weeks now. I’m told it is ‘acute bronchitis’ and it is awful. I’ve been unable to really get my creative on and I’m just now starting to feel a little bit better. I hope to have a fresh post up soon, tho, by this Sunday is my goal. I reeally miss writing so much.

      Pretty much all of my time is spent resting (and coughing like mad). It is a very slow recovery, apparently.

      But as you say, Love is all around and even in the suffering we find the lessons and the ways to be grateful. I’m grateful for your presence and your care, my dear friend. That is a truly awesome thing and brightens my day whenever I hear from you!

      I promise to keep shining and get back to good health very soon.
      Stay amazing,

      Allison *biggest hug*

      1. Darshith

        Please Get Well Soon for all of us :) We all miss your writing and you ;) Your positive vibes also. Wishing the fastest recovery and sound health <3 Thank you for finding out time to reply to the comments even in ill-health :) Take care and be good again :)

        Hugs and wishes,
        Darshith <3

        1. Allison Marie Post author

          My sweet friend,

          Your words are so kind and they mean more to me than you know. I miss you, too, and it is such a gift to know you are out there and still thinking of me. You are the BEST, Darshith B! :)

          I am resting and determined to get the good vibes rolling again soon. Sometimes the body needs to reboot and all will be well in good time.

          Sending you the biggest love and warmest hugs,


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