This is the way my soul comes together. These are its sounds. This is the beating of the wings that thrust in my chest and flick in my heart and pulse through my veins. This is the intimate touching of the inside of an invisible life so fragile and so strong, I did everything I could to try to sing her silent song.

My first book of poetry, Vein, is available on Amazon now here.

Signed copies of Vein are available in my Etsy shop AllisonMariePoetry.

What readers are saying:

“Very inspirational first book from a promising new poet. Beautiful prose and raw imagery combine and leave you both at peace and yearning for more!”

“Sensual… Breathtaking… Leaves you wanting to read more and become a part of each thoroughly enticing poem…”

“Poetry that really has a raw and authentic energy to it, will give you an experience with so much emotion…It’s breathtaking!!! Such beautiful and surreal pictures are an added bonus.”

“I am loving your new book. I am drinking it in slowly, like a fine port.”

“Fast shipping! A wonderful collection of poems from a talented and inspired spirit. Highly recommended!”