Beginner’s Luck: 7 Ways the Beginner’s Mind Makes Better Art (A Series for Artists)

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Every time we create something and share it, we’re the new kid.

We don’t know if we’ll be accepted or liked. We don’t know if our thing will go right or wrong or if what we’re offering will work.

We’re afraid of being rejected by others and maybe most of all by ourselves.

We’re the underdog, the novice, the dark horse.  We’ve got more spirit than credentials.

But we’re also too prickly to stay put, we’re too eager to wait to be told it’s time and we’re allowed and we’re the one.

Somehow – despite not understanding all the rules and not knowing exactly the lay of the land or all the implications of what we’ve begun – we’re doing it.  We’re bringing it and making it happen.

And somewhere inside our wandering hearts we know we’re the lucky ones.  The ones who hold the secret. The ones who spin the magic and bend the light.

Nothing can stop us as long as we keep believing in the integrity of our hunger and the truth of our longing. The world is ours for the taking, everything we want we get. Everything we need is laid bare in front of us to enjoy.

We are beginners – if we’re lucky – over and over and over.  The mindset of the beginner is the mindset we must aim to return to everyday in order to keep making art, in order to keep creating from the space of our infinite possibility and expansive potential.



Beginners care more about exploring than posturing. Our curiosity overrules our fear. And despite our innocence and ignorance and scuffed-up, untied sneakers, we’ve been given magnificent wings.

Damn it’s good to be a beginner, no?

They say beginners get ‘lucky’ because they don’t know enough about the game to play it well and somehow their naivety is also their saving grace. As if by chance, by whimsy, by sheer happenstance, the gods chuckle and the new guy wins.

But I don’t believe beginners get lucky for no reason. I don’t even know if I would call their good fortune luck. I’m inclined, actually, to call the invisible force that surrounds the beginner divine.

 “In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities, in the expert’s mind there are few.” ~ Shunryu Suzuki

I would call a beginner brave and impressive and alive. I’d say that because she dares to take the first step toward her exquisite potential the great Creator sweeps across light years to welcome her, to support her and guide her.

I’d say though he’s shaking and wet, he’s at his most powerful, open and clever.

It’s a fragile place to be, and a magical one, inside the beginner’s mind.

The beginner doesn’t reign in his dreams, he runs away with them like wolves in the night.

The beginner does it like no one’s watching (because when the hardest work is getting done nobody is). The beginner does art for the sake of the creation itself. The outcome doesn’t matter one half-sliver as much as the visceral pleasure of birthing something never before been seen or heard.

The beginner dares to enter into an experience and stand in it naked.

That right there, guys, is what this new 7-Sunday series called Beginner’s Luck is all about. It’s about getting naked everyday and learning what about our willingness to begin gives us the power to expand into our greatest, most creative, most authentic selves.

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Over the next seven Sundays (it has to be seven, of course, because 7 is a lucky number, right? Right.) we’ll talk about how to capture the essence of the beginner’s beautiful mind, the way she looks at the world and what about her vision and perspective gives her a huge advantage toward living the life of her dreams.

These seven truths are the trick to manifesting that sexy sacred energy as often and as fully as we desire.

This is about seven ways to create our own beginner’s luck.  Seven simple, fundamental truths about why beginners have all the fun and taste all the glory.

Every time you make a choice to be yourself in a world that wants you to be anything but, you are a beginner.  Every time you wake up and decide to make your little way in this wide world centered in love, abundance and gratitude, you are a beginner.

You are a beginning, beloved.  In you lies the potential for love to begin, for peace to awaken, for creativity and genius to emerge every single day.

What will you do with that potential? Will you open up to it?

Beginning next Sunday, we’ll talk about that elusive, wild unnameable something that seems to give a beginner wings. If I can swing it, there will be some audio and video, too.

Lastly, my beautiful rowdy rebel angels, it’s worth noting that as if by sneaky design (or luck?), the final post in this 7-Sunday series will drop on St. Patty’s Day weekend. If you live in the U.S. you know this is a festive day indeed; if you are Irish and live in Philadelphia, you know it’s an excuse to parade down Broad Street all green-glitter drenched, drinking green beer and raising a glass to Good Luck and Good Fortune.

There are shamrocks, there are pots of gold, there are rainbows, there is rambunctious cheer.

So you may wish to follow the Beginner’s Luck Series if for no other reason than to ensure that by the time March 17th rolls around, you’ll be the luckiest son of a leprechaun at the end of the bar on the big day. Perhaps we can all meet (virtually) up for a shot of Jameson and toast to our four-leaf-clover-covered beginnings. ;)

What say you, loves.

Feeling lucky?


~ ~ ~

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18 thoughts on “Beginner’s Luck: 7 Ways the Beginner’s Mind Makes Better Art (A Series for Artists)

  1. Lydia

    Another brilliant idea from a brilliant mind. I’ll stay tuned. Blessings and peace lovely one. Keep that beginner’s mind churning, lydia

    1. Allison Marie Post author

      Gorgeous friend,

      Have I mentioned lately that you are stellar and fantastic? :) :)

      I hope this will serve you well, my love. I’ll give it all I’ve got!

      So much love and light your way, dearest Lydia,

      Allison XO

  2. FlorenceT

    Dear Alison,
    What beautiful insight… Thank you for putting into words what my soul desires – being ‘new’ each day. To be a beginner … :-)
    On the journey,

    1. Allison Marie Post author

      Dear Florence,

      Thank you so much for your kind comment. It is a beautiful thing to say “what my soul desires.” How often we deny ourselves this simple pleasure, of being who we truly are.

      Here’s to our journey – feeling very blessed to be on it together, my friend. ;)

      Blessings and light, always,


  3. Meg Evans

    Love this idea for a series! Especially now, when our world is full of exponentially expanding possibilities, there’s so much to discover and enjoy. And I agree that being open to good fortune is a mindset, rather than just random chance. Looking forward to more of the seven lucky posts. :)

    1. Allison Marie Post author

      Beautiful Meg!

      Hello, hello! :)

      I love what you say about the timing of the Series “when our world is full of exponentially expanding possibilities” – isn’t that the truth. The Universe is bursting with playful, joyous good stuff to get all into! Let’s go get about it, shall we?

      Thank you so much for being here and for bringing your light and spirit to the experience. Your energy ROCKS, my friend!

      Peace your way today and always,


  4. Fashion Assist

    In a world where everyone wants to be, or be seen as an “expert”; and where most don’t admit to being a “beginner”, I find today’s post a delight to read and very much look forward to the next 7 Sundays! ♥

    Your words, “The beginner dares to enter into an experience and stand in it naked” couldn’t be truer or more challenging! It breaks my heart that so many of us have lost the courage to do so…including myself.

    So I echo the words of Brad above and raise my virtual glass of Irish whiskey, a tad early I know, and say, “Cheers! Cheers to a beginner’s mind, open hearts and starting fresh”…
    cheers to never being ashamed to be, or be seen as a “beginner”…
    and cheers to you, Allison for another awesome post! ~xo

    1. Allison Marie Post author

      Hello my gorgeous friend,

      I am so happy to see you here! Thank you for bringing your energy and light to this experience, it is such a joy to share in it together. I am so humbled and so grateful. ;)

      I share in your heartache for losing the courage. I bet if we fan each other’s flames, though, we’ll be naked and brave and beautiful in no time – as we are meant to be in this wild life.

      Cheers to the spirit of creativity and light, Brad did say it quite lovely didn’t he. I love you guys, you are all so freaking fierce. Fresh beginnings are a daily gift in a way, a gift we give ourselves to be free.

      Cheers to you, too, my love! Your energy is so, so bright.


  5. Mike

    I’ll raise a glass to you, your creativity and this awesome journey, Allison! :)
    I’ve missed you, and I do plan on sticking around this time (my desire for blogging seems to have crept back in)! You know me by now!

    1. Allison Marie Post author

      Hey Mike, Hey!

      I’m so wicked happy you are back in ‘town’ – I’ve missed you, man.

      You always know where to find me, promise.

      Cheers, beloved friend! Now let’s get about having some fun, shall we? ;)

  6. Saya

    looking forward to the series :) …I think ‘experts’ grow ‘used to’ as against beginner who hasn’t experienced it yet..

    1. Allison Marie Post author

      Awesome, Saya! Thank you for your comment and thoughts, as always. :)

      I think experts are beginners, too, every time they choose to more forward instead of cling to the past. Every time we choose to be open, we begin.

      Sending much love and light your way,

      Allie XO

  7. Robert

    A great start to your Sunday series Allison :)

    Beginners luck, oh yes! The beginner is subject to ‘lucky accidents’ – the brush stroke of an artist, unintended but he suddenly realises, wow! a master stroke! The writer pens a sentence or paragraph of messy writing, is about to strike it out but suddenly sees she’s made a profound statement.

    As we gain skill these occurences can happen less. What then?

    All disciplines have rules, which for the most time we would do well to follow. But rules can be broken, and should be, bravely. Therein lies the realm of true creativity and innovation.

    The impresssionists, as one example, broke the rules of painting, and created a whole new movement in art.

    So break the rules with the innocence of a beginner. Tread new paths, in your art and in all walks of life – so long as it doesn’t harm anyone else or land you in jail :) Each day is a chance to do something new that hasn’t been done before – as a true beginner!

    Play with life and your art, take chances, that’s what a beginner does as they have nothing to lose. Breaking the rules is powerful, sexy and challenging! It also aligns you to the great creative spirit to which most of our rules are of no consequence.

    Looking forward to part 2 :)

    Namaste, with love,


    1. Allison Marie Post author

      Dear gentle, wild Robert,

      Thank you so deeply for this awesome, awesome comment. I absolutely love how my thoughts and words dance with yours – so very cool. ;)

      “So break the rules with the innocence of a beginner. Tread new paths, in your art and in all walks of life – so long as it doesn’t harm anyone else or land you in jail :)” lol I promise. But just in case, do you have bail money? I’m totally KIDDING, I’m kidding. :)

      I’m also digging this line because I really do think it points to something quite profound that we’ve forgotten as a culture: “most of our rules are of no consequence.”

      What we’ve been forced to swallow in our society as ‘must’ and ‘have to’ and ‘the way it is’ – all that toxic garbage that is used not to grow us but to label us and hold us down and keep us in our place – that stuff HAS to be broken up and discarded.

      We are free. Maybe that’s one of the main reasons I want us to share our thoughts on beginnings. We are, in a way, remembering our freedom to move and shake and think and create according to our own terms.

      Hmmm . . . thank you, my love. Now you’ve got the rebellion going. ;) Rebels. Angels. Call us what they may.

      I’m so thrilled to bits you are here! See you Sunday for some more mind stretching.

      Big time love your way, and light and peace, always, always.

      Namaste, beautiful friend,



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