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The Beginner’s Luck Series

7 Ways The Beginner’s Mind Makes Better Art

Beginner’s Luck is an original series designed for artists and creatives written and recorded by Allison Marie Conway for Glory Begin. This unique, exploratory series takes a deep-dive into seven fascinating truths about why cultivating a beginner’s mind will dramatically and fundamentally change the way you think about your art and your soul’s work.

We talk specifically about how to capture the essence of the beginner’s beautiful mind, the way we look at the world and what about our vision and perspective gives us a huge advantage in living the creative and spiritual life we were designed to live.

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What artists, writers, bloggers, teachers and seekers are saying about the series:

“Brilliantly done!”

“Love your work. The beginners series is totally bad-ass.”

“Inspiring, thought-provoking and enjoyable to read while dealing with complex issues. I think your series hit a home run!”

“I have definitely enjoyed it-and have seen ways to apply these ideas and concepts to my own life as a creative and to my students.”

“You’ve profoundly reminded me that I’ll have to be courageous, take chances and change in order to create.”

“All these empowering thoughts of yours I have now placed in my ‘Beginner’s Toolbox’…I keep it close at hand when I’m working…and always, always open.”

“Your insight sometimes leaves me speechless… You have such an amazing ability to find something truly meaningful in our lives and talk about the real meaning of it, but then go further and zoom into it at such a impactful way with your razor like insightfulness and just make me catch my breath and say Oh my God…”

What say you, my love – Ready to get lucky?

Intro to The Series: Beginner’s Luck: 7 Ways The Beginner’s Mind Makes Better Art

The 1st Way: We Go First: The Beginner’s Invisible Advantage

The 2nd Way: We Go Alone: The Greatest Power of the Beginner’s Mind

The 3rd Way: We Break the Silence: Beginners Play Out Loud

The 4th Way: We Take the Stage: How to Begin Before You’re Ready

The 5th Way: The Only Way In: How to Maintain Creative Presence

The 6th Way: We Will Bleed: To Master The Beginning Is to Master It All

The 7th Way: The Answers We Seek: Leading The Essential Change of Art

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